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QAM 100 Channel Transmitter and Receiver with IR


Calrad 40-101 | 1080P (QAM 100 Channel Transmitter and 100 Channel Receiver with IR):
This unit is part of a large HDTV video distribution ECO system with up to 100 independent HDTV 1080P channels. Works with additional Calrad 40-101T (QAM) Transmitters and with additional Calrad 40-101R (QAM) Receivers. Calrad has developed a simple expandable 1080p video delivery system with control signals over coax, cat5e or cat6 cabling with distances up to over 2,000 ft..


The technology can also support existing legacy wiring such as standard shielded audio, composite, component, HDMI cables using specific inline adapters for each cable type. Once connected the HDMI transmitter and receiver can connect a source to a display that can be totally independent from each other or multiple 40-101 units can be used providing signals upstream and downstream from each other, bidirectionally over the same wiring.


Each transmitter and receiver can be IR controlled individually from a 3rd party automation control system or Calrad's Xcontrolled automation system or by a local individual IR receiver from a local remote (Included). Easy setup, set Transmitters and receivers to independent channels manually on the fron panel using the up/down push buttons or use a automated control system to maximize the flexibility using 100 channels between transmitters and receiver. Supports CATV digital splitters and amplifiers.


40-100R, (QAM 100 Channel Receiver with IR only): 40-100R

40-100T, QAM 100 Channel Transmitter with IR only: 40-100T 

40-101R, (QAM 100 Channel Receiver with IR only): 40-101R

40-101T, QAM 100 Channel Transmitter with IR only: 40-101T 

QAM Frquency Channel Chart up to 250 ft.


40-IRC2, IR Interface Cable for 3rd party automation control: 40-IRC2

40-111, Fixed Length RJ45 female to Coax 'F' Male Adapter, required to use Cat5e, Cat6 cabling: 40-111

40-112, Fixed Length RJ45 female to Coax 'F' Male Adapter with IR, required to use Cat5e, Cat6 cabling: 40-112

40-116, QAM Bi-Directional RF 'T' Adapter, UTP 2 x Female RJ45 Jacks to 1 x 'F' Male: 40-116

40-118, QAM Bi-Directional RF 'T' Adapter, UTP 2 x Female RJ45 Jacks to 1 x 'F' Male with 3.5mm IR Jack: 40-118


  • Video Resolutions Supported Input\Output: 480i@60hz, 480p@60hz, 720p@50/60hz, 1080i@50/60hz, 1080P@50/60hz
  • Video Encoding: H.264
  • Audio Encoding: MPEG2, Supports PCM 44.1K, 48K Stereo 2.1 (L / R)
  • RF Frequency: 100-1000Mhz
  • Effective Bit Rate: Max 31.6M bits
  • Insertion Loss: <2dbm
  • Transmission Delay: 500ms
  • Video Input\Output Connectors: 24 pin HDMI Female Jacks
  • RF Connectors, RF TX, RF RX: F-61 Style Female (75 Ohm ‘F’ Type)
  • DC Power Connector: 2.1mm Power Coax Jack (Center Positive)
  • IR Jack (Transmitter\Receiver): 3.5mm Stereo Jack
  • DC Power: Individual Power Supplies 2 x 5Vdc-1Amp
  • Current Draw: Transmitter (400ma), Receiver (300ma)
  • Transmitter\Receiver Connectivity, Status: Receiver Rear Panel only (Yellow L.E.D.) 
  • Digital Display: Dual 7 segment Red L.E.D. Digital Display
  • Control Buttons: Front Panel (Channel Up, Channel Down), Rear Panel (Reset)
  • Remote Control Battery Type: CR2025
  • (Case Size) Transmitter, Receiver: L-5.125” x W-3.25” (Includes Connectors) x H-0.9”
  • (Packaging) Whats included: 1 x QAM 40-101T Transmitter, 1 x QAM 40-101R Receiver, 2 x 5Vdc power Supplies, 1 x Inline QAM 75-720-20 20db attenuator, 1 x 40-101TR-REMOTE IR remote Control, 1 x Instruction Manual

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