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Item #: IR6001
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IR Repeater System All-in-One Kit – IR-6001


Channel Vision’s IR-6001 is an all in one IR repeater system with 3 adjustable IR emitter outputs. The IR-6001 contains the latest self modifying software which will automatically adjust the IR code of each equipment provider. This system is designed to receive both low latency and high frequency signals while maintaining noise immunity. Easily connect the IR Repeater System All-in-One Kit – IR-6001 and control Home Theater A/V devices located behind closed cabinet doors.


Plasma, LCD, Sunlight Proof

The IR Repeater System All-in-One Kit – IR-6001 features advanced IR filtering for the best performance in situations where there might be interference from Plasma TV’s, LCD displays and Sunlight without affecting performance.

Status LED’s for Power and IR Signal Indication

Channel Vision’s IR Repeater System All-in-One Kit – IR-6001 includes a status LED for signal indication or interference. The status LED provides the user assurance the IR Repeater signal has been received and makes troubleshooting easy.

Miniature Remote Head IR Receiver with 3 Mounting Options

Channel Vision has one of the small, most versatile IR receivers on the market. The tiny receiver has 3 mounting options ensuring a solution for every application. It can be placed near your television using the supplied holster, set up in a hole drilled in your equipment cabinet using the supplied hole mount, or set atop a dresser or table using the supplied table top mount.

Expandable to 8 Emitters/Flashers

Control up to 8 devices with your IR Repeater System All-in-One Kit – IR-6001. The IR-6001 has the ability out of the box to control 4 devices. Simply add 2 more IR-3002 emitters to the system to control up to 4 more devices.

What’s Included in the Kit:

  • IR Repeater with Plasma-Proof Receiver
  • 2 dual IR emitters (IR-3002)
  • Power supply
  • Instructions
  • Mounting accessories – tabletop, mini and hole mount receiver & emitter “holsters,” 2-sided tape



Voltage Requirements: 12 vDC 250mA switching
IR Frequency Range Supported: 36 kHz-60 kHz
IR Pickup Range: 40 ft. @38 Hz, 20 ft. @ 56kHz
IR Receiver Head Dimensions: 0.65” x 0.35” x 0.25”
IR Emitter Outputs: 3
Color: Black


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