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Item #: AD4X
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AD-4X Audio Distribution System


NEW Added Features: Input Trim, IP Control, Zone Grouping, Configurable Door Chime


Let the music move you with the AD-4 audio distribution system from RTI. Go to the exercise room to summon your iPod®, listen to broadcast radio in the kitchen, internet radio in the backyard, and a CD in the living room - all at the same time. With four analog audio source inputs and outputs, wherever you go - the music moves with you. An integrated 8-channel amplifier provides plenty of power, while zone independent volume and tone control brings the sound to life. When you combine the AD-4 with RTI central processors, remote controls, touchpanels, and keypads, this RTI distributed audio solution easily keeps pace with the rhythm of your life.



The AD-4 is perfect for residential or commercial installations that require music everywhere - without breaking the budget. This compact audio distribution system contains both a matrix switching pre-amp and a built-in power amplifier. The four local source inputs can be augmented with four remote source inputs, making it easy to listen to music from your bedroom CD player, iPod® dock, or PC. A single Cat-5 cable connects the remote source’s audio and infrared signals between the remote location and the AD-4. The AD-4 audio distribution system is designed to be a seamless extension of an RTI control system. The AD-4 provides the audio switching, amplification and distribution functions, while RTI central processors and user interfaces manage the audio source control, user input and status feedback. Information such as the selected source, volume level, and tone control settings are available for each zone. Depending on the source equipment used, more advanced information such as song playlists, cover art, and tuner RDS data
may also be available.

Of course with RTI control systems, audio is just the beginning. Imagine every aspect of your environment working in complete harmony – from audio and video, to lighting, ambience, temperature and more. Such scenarios are only made possible from an audio distribution system backed by a real, professional grade control system. Thanks to the efficient engineering that defines the AD-4, there is no reason to limit yourself to a system.


Key Features:


• Four analog stereo audio output zones with input switching.
• Four local and four remote analog audio source inputs.
• Accessory wall plate allows source equipment to be connected remotely with a Cat-5 cable.
• Independent volume and tone control for all audio zones.
• Controlled via Infrared and RS-232 including two-way feedback when installed with RTI control systems.
• Twenty-five watts per channel in each zone.
• Optional phone and doorbell mute function.
• Zone power indicator LEDs.
• Compact, low-profile design allows shelf or rack installation.


•  Stereo audio output zones with pre-outs.
•  Audio source inputs with independent trim level adjustment.
•  Ethernet support and a web interface allows the AD-4x output zones to be tested during installation via a web browser on a smartphone, tablet or PC.
•  Configure output zones into groups, allowing them to be controlled as a single zone (configured in web interface or two-way driver).
•  Controlled via IR, or two-way control via RS-232 and IP using RTI control systems.
•  Ability to give units a unique ID allowing them to be stacked and controlled separately via IR.




Firmware update:
•  New AD-4x and AD-8x firmware updates and the AD-64 two-way driver are all available today.  
•  The AD-4x/AD-8x units shipped with the original firmware and will need to have their firmware updated to take advantage of the zone grouping functionality - see below.  
IMPORTANT: Please read the ReadMe file attached to the firmware updater which has specific instructions on the update process that must be followed for it to be successful.


What will the new firmware fix/change:
•  Zone grouping functionality.
•  It will assign the appropriate name to "AD-4x" in the web interface and in the list of UPNP devices on a network (currently shows "T1 STellaris Serial2Ethernet Module")
•  Ability to reset the unit back to DHCP manually using an RS232 string.
•  Web interface modifications


Controlling the AD-4x
•  IR control - Requires a new IR library, which is posted on our website and will be added to ID in the next release. 
AD-4x does NOT work using the AD-4 IR codes.
•  RS232 control - Uses the same RS232 strings as the AD-4.
•  AD-64 Two-way driver - RS232 and IP control.
•  Zone grouping - REQUIRES new firmware and driver
•  Web interface - Works for turning zones on/off, volume adjustment in a zone, network configuration, zone grouping – used during setup/testing. NOTE – if the web interface is used for testing, it is NOT recommended that another controller is used simultaneously because the web interface status (ie. Volume) may lag.

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