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Item #: PDU16
MSRP: $599.95

PDU 16

What this Product Does
Avoid unnecessary truck rolls and service calls just to reboot unresponsive devices.  Instead utilize Luxul’s PDU line of intelligent power distribution units to automatically power cycle those devices or use the PDU in conjunction with remote management platforms like Domotz or Ihiji to manually initiate a remote power cycle to alleviate the need to travel on site. Time is money, and using Luxul’s PDU Series you can greatly reduce the need for truck rolls and service your customer needs more quickly.

What the PDU 16 Does

  • Simple remote reboot of powered devices
  • Automatic Self-healing devices through monitoring and auto powercycling
  • Seamless integration with Domotz, ihiji or other third-party control systems



  • Individual IP control of up to 8 outlets (16 total)
  • Control startup or shutdown with remote sequencing
  • Easy setup and control via simple web interface
  • Sleek design for back of rack mounting
  • MOV surge and spike protection
  • Connected equipment protection policy
  • Device/port status notifications

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