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MSRP: $149.00

Hum Kleaner


The new Hum Kleaner is designed to eliminate Hum at the source while also amplifying the purified signal so that it may be pushed over long wire runs. In addition to eliminating common hum issues, it is equally important that your amplifier receives the required signal voltage to maximize available performance. If your powered equipment is not receiving the required signal voltage then it is impossible to perform at the level that the manufacturer intended. That is why the engineers at Earthquake Sound decided to integrate a pre-amplifier into the Hum Kleaner’s noise-suppression- circuitry. This device is not just a line converter, on-board is an amplifier capable of boosting a signal to 9V (RCA) or 18V (TRS/XLR).

The Hum Kleaner provides two channels of unbalanced-to-balanced level conversion and two channels of balanced-to-unbalanced conversions in a resilient, compact, and portable unit. The Hum Kleaner can be a valuable tool in application areas such as home, professional recording studios, live sound, PA, DJ, AV or anywhere else where signals need to be pushed long distances while retaining clarity. It also works with mixers, audio processors, laptop computers, CD/DVD players, gaming consoles, powered monitors, and digital workstations.




  • XLR and TRS connectors for balanced inputs and outputs
  • RCA connectors for unbalanced inputs and outputs
  • Stereo balanced and unbalanced output level control
  • Input selector switch
  • Low noise, low distortion circuitry
  • Comes with an external 24V AC Power Supply

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