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MSRP: $850.00

4K HDR Four-Input HDMI and HDBaseT Switcher


    • 4×1 HDMI® and HDBaseTTM switcher (also available with HDMI inputs only)
    • 4K/UHD capability @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling, plus support for HDR formats
    • HDCP 2.2 compliant
    • Automatic input selection using hot plug detect and video detection technology
    • Delivers return audio from a TV via ARC to an optical digital audio output
    • TCP/IP, RS-232, and IR control



    The Atlona JunoX™ 451 HDBT (AT-JUNO-451-HDBT) is a 4×1 switcher for high dynamic range (HDR) formats. Part of the comprehensive family of Atlona 4K HDR integration products, the JunoX 451 HDBT features three HDMI inputs, plus an HDBaseT input for receiving video, embedded audio, and Ethernet over distances up to 330 feet (100 meters). It is HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports 4K/UHD video @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling, as well as HDMI data rates up to 18 Gbps. The JunoX 451 HDBT is ideal for receiving 4K HDR over HDBaseT from an Atlona Opus™ Series matrix switcher, and is also compatible with the Atlona UHD-PRO3, UHD-CAT, and SW Series for HDBaseT extension up to 10 Gbps. The JunoX 451 HDBT includes EDID management features and automatic input switching. It also supports the HDMI Audio Return Channel for receiving digital audio from a television, and includes a TOSLINK digital audio output for sending this audio to an AV receiver or soundbar. This JunoX Series switcher can be controlled via Ethernet, RS-232, and IR. A handheld IR remote control is included.

    The JunoX 451 HDBT is ideal for residential applications with the latest as well as emerging 4K/UHD and HDR sources and displays. It is compatible with all video resolutions, audio formats, and color space formats supported in the HDMI 2.0b specification, plus the ability to pass metadata for HDR content. The JunoX 451 HDBT is designed to deliver dependable, pristine-quality image presentations in residential as well as commercial applications. It includes Atlona’s award-winning 10 year limited product warranty and customer support services, so that integrators can specify, purchase, and install with confidence.

    Reliable Auto-Switching

    The JunoX 451 HDBT automatically selects an input source based on detection of the 5 volt hot plug detect (HPD) signal, as well as active video. This ensures reliable auto-switching operation for all video sources, including DVRs, DisplayPort / Mini DisplayPort adapters, and other devices that always maintain the HPD line at the 5 volt “high” state but may not be delivering active video.


    • Residential installations – The JunoX 451 HDBT is designed for AV systems with the latest UHD and HDR sources such as Ultra HD Blu-ray players, plus compatible televisions and projectors.
    • Local HDMI switching – The JunoX 451 HDBT is ideal for residential and commercial applications with HDMI switchers for rooms that can also receive content from shared AV sources via a centralized matrix switcher.
    • TV showrooms – This 4K HDR switcher can be used for reliable content distribution to televisions, to properly demonstrate the quality and appeal of 4K and HDR programming.
    • Professional AV applications – Atlona 4K HDR products are ideal for full-motion, highly detailed 4K graphics presentations for visualization, 3D renderings, simulations, and more.


    The AT-JUNO-451-HDBT features an HDBaseT input and is ideal for receiving 4K HDR or 4K/60 4:4:4 from an Atlona  matrix switcher. It is also compatible with the Atlona UHD-PRO3, UHD-CAT, UHD-EX, SW Series, and other HDBaseT products for AV extension up to 10 Gbps.

    This switcher requires local AC powering with the included external power supply. It does not provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) to a transmitter, and cannot be remotely powered via PoE.

    NOTE: For HDR and 4K/60 4:4:4 content (HDMI data rates exceeding 10 Gbps), the AT-JUNO-451-HDBT is not compatible with transmitters for the AT-HDR-EX-70-2PS, AT-HDR-EX-70C-KIT, or AT-HDR-EX-100CEA-KIT.


    4×1 HDMI and HDBaseT switcher

    • Delivers high performance, reliable HDMI signal switching
    • HDBaseT input receives AV, control, and Ethernet up to 330 feet (100 meters) @ 1080p with CAT5e/6 or 4K HDR using CAT6a/7 cable
    • Easy to install and deploy in residential and commercial applications

    4K/UHD capability @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling, plus support for HDR formats

    • Ideal for new and emerging 4K/UHD and HDR-capable sources and displays
    • Compatible with 4K HDR10 and Dolby®Vision™ @ 60 Hz*
    • Fully supports video resolutions, audio formats, and color space formats in the HDMI 2.0b specification
    • * Supports Dolby Vision @ 30 Hz through the HDBaseT input.

    HDCP 2.2 compliant

    • Adheres to latest specification for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection
    • Allows protected content stream to pass between devices

    Automatic input selection using hot plug detect and video detection technology

    • Selects active input when sources are connected or if there is a change in source power status
    • Enables simplified, automatic system operation without user intervention

    EDID management

    • Manages EDID communications with the source through a display’s EDID or internally stored EDID
    • Ensures desired audio formats and video resolutions are provided to the AV system

    Delivers return audio from a TV* via ARC to an optical digital audio output

    • Supports the HDMI Audio Return Channel
    • Provides a return audio pathway from a television to an AV receiver or soundbar over the TOSLINK digital audio output
    • Easy and convenient integration of television audio for over-the-air broadcasts, OTT (over-the-top) media services, and more
    • * The JunoX 451 HDBT does not transmit return audio over HDBaseT to an Opus™ Series matrix switcher.

    Visually lossless VESA Display Stream Compression

    • Enables HDBaseT transmission of HDMI up to 18 Gbps using extremely light video compression
    • Innovative signal extension solution delivers very high, pristine image quality
    • Compatible with forthcoming Atlona matrix switchers with 4K HDR-enabled HDBaseT outputs

    HDMI audio de-embedding

    • Extracts HDMI two-channel PCM or multi-channel bitstream audio to the TOSLINK digital audio output
    • Provides an additional integration option for AV receivers and soundbars

    Intuitive GUI-based configuration using integrated web server

    • Offers menu-based configuration of network settings, RS-232 settings, input switching, EDID and HDCP management, and audio
    • Allows fast configuration of internal product settings and troubleshooting from a mobile device or PC in the field

    TCP/IP, RS-232, and IR control

    • Flexible control options for compatibility with Atlona Velocity™ and third-party control systems
    • Reduces integration time and costs
    • Includes a convenient handheld IR remote control

    Easy to configure and manage with AMS (Atlona Management System)

    • Centralized, network-based configuration and management of Atlona IP-controllable products and systems
    • Manage configuration and firmware updates for AV devices spanning a facility, building, enterprise, or residence
    • Available as a cost-effective server appliance, or a free software download

    Multi-channel audio compliant

    • Passes through multi-channel audio formats from the HDMI or HDBaseT inputs, or return audio
    • Supports PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos®, DTS® Digital Surround™, DTS-HD Master Audio™, and DTS:X®

    Field-updatable firmware

    • Device can be updated in the field via AMS or the web GUI
    • USB port also available for firmware updates

    Front panel input selection status LEDs

    • LED indicators provide HDMI input selection status information
    • Provides easy setup and troubleshooting

    Low-profile, 1 inch (25 mm) high enclosure

    • Easy installation into racks and confined spaces
    • Keeps devices out-of-sight when placed in public spaces

    Included accessories

    • User guide, IR remote control, surface mounting hardware, and external universal power supply

    Award-winning 10 year limited product warranty

    • Ensures long-term product reliability and performance in residential and commercial systems
    • Specify, purchase, and install with confidence



    HDMI IN 3 – Type A, 19-pin female
    HDMI OUT 1 – Type A, 19-pin female
    USB 1 – Type mini-B, 5-pin female
    RS-232 / IR 1 – 5-pin captive screw
    HDBaseT 1 – RJ45
    LAN 1 – RJ45
    DC 5V 1 – Barrel connector, 5.5 mm, locking
    Power button 1 – momentary, tact-type, backlit power LED
    Input select button 1 – momentary, tact-type
    Video input indicators 4 – LED, blue
    UHD/HD/SD 4096×[email protected]/25/30/50/60Hz, 3840×[email protected]/25/30/50/60Hz, 2048x1080p, [email protected]/24/25/29.
    97/30/50/59.94/60Hz, [email protected]/59.94/60Hz, [email protected]/59.94/60Hz, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i
    VESA 2560×2048, 2560×1600, 2048×1536, 1920×1200, 1680×1050, 1600×1200, 1600×900, 1440×900,
    1400×1050, 1366×768, 1360×768, 1280×1024, 1280×800, 1280×768, 1152×768, 1024×768, 800×600,
    Color Space YUV, RGB
    Chroma Subsampling 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0
    Color Depth 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit
    HDR HDR10 and Dolby® Vision™ @ 60 Hz (30 Hz for HDBaseT input)
    HDMI IN / HDBaseT IN PCM 2Ch, LPCM 5.1, LPCM 7.1, Dolby® Digital, DTS® 5.1, Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD
    Master Audio™, Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X
    Sample Rate 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz
    Bit Rate 24-bit (max.)
    Resolution / Distance 4K – Feet 4K – Meters 1080p – Feet 1080p – Meters
    HDMI IN/OUT 15 5 30 10
    CAT5e 295 90 330 100
    CAT6/CAT6a/CAT7 330 100 330 100
    Maximum TMDS Clock 600 MHz
    HDBaseT 18 Gbps
    HDMI 2.0
    USB 2.0
    HDCP 2.2
    CEC 1.4
    Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius
    Operating 32° to 122° 0° to 50°
    Storage -4° to 140° -20° to 60°
    Humidity (RH) 20% to 90%, non-condensing
    Consumption 6.6 W
    Idle Consumption 5.9 W
    Supply Input: 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, Output: 5 V DC
    Dimensions Inches Millimeters
    H x W x D 1.0 x 8.6 x 5.9 26 x 219 x 152
    Weight Pounds Kilograms
    Device 1.82 0.82
    Device CE, FCC
    Power Supply CE, FCC, Level VI, RoHS, cULus, RCM, CCC


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