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Item #: 6200ELRBLK
MSRP: $1,275.00

Feature List

  • 2-way system with dual 6.5" woofers
  • 6200e C uses identical drivers as LR for ideal tonal match
  • Acoustic controls optimize performance in any room
  • Recommended 4200e SR dipole/bipole switchable surround speakers 
  • Optional sand-fillable Peds raise LRs to optimum listening height
  • Recommended subwoofer: THX-certified 642e SB 


Model 6200e LR 6200e C 4200e SR
Type Sealed-box, 2-way Sealed-box, 2-way Sealed-box, 2-way
Dipole/Bipolesurround speaker
Woofer (2) 6.5" GLH (2) 6.5" GLH (2) 4.5" GLH
Tweeter (1) 1" silk dome (1) 1" silk dome (2) 1” silk dome
Frequency Response 60Hz – 20kHz ±2dB 60Hz – 20kHz ±2dB 80Hz – 20kHz ±2dB
Nominal Impedance 6Ω 6Ω 6Ω
Crossover Frequency 3kHz 3kHz 3kHz
Crossover Type Computer designed Butterworth 4th order asymmetrical (time-aligned)
Sensitivity 90dB 90dB 89dB
Recommended Amplifi er Power 15 – 150 Watts RMS 15 – 150 Watts RMS 15 – 150 Watts RMS
Magnetic Shielding Yes Yes No
Dimensions w/ grilles(W x H x D)
9.1 x 23.1 x 11.5in
231 x 587 x 292mm
21.5 x 11.1 x 12in*
547 x 282 x 305mm*
10.9 x 12.4 x 7.5in
277 x 315 x 191mm
  Pedestals including feet, spikes, and gap between satellite and pedestal top adds height:
  23.9in., 608mm  
Weight (ea) 26.0lbs; 11.8kg 25.0lbs; 11.3kg w/base 11.0lbs; 5kg


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