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ATM 00-100-06 SYSTEM-1 FAN UNIT 6"

The System 1 – Now available up to 1400 CFM 


Our most powerful and flexible air moving system, the System 1 is available in two versions. The in-line version is suitable for indoor use, while the EXT version is mounted in a weatherproof enclosure, suitable for outdoor use in virtually any climate. Both can move over 100 CFM while producing very little noise, thanks to a precision-balanced rotor. The in-line version is now Energy Star rated; airflow has been increased by 40% to 140 CFM, power consumption has been reduced while noise level remains the same.

Both versions include the centrifugal blower, 8’ of flexible, sound-absorbing tubing (6”OD/4”ID), and a 6 1/4” square hot air collector, a cross between a funnel and a flange that simplifies connecting the tubing to a flat surface, such as a cabinet back. The in-line is ready to plug in to any of our thermal switches or an AC outlet; the EXT is ready to be hardwired.


Both versions carry an extended 3 year warranty and are suitable for continuous operation. Both have UL and CSA approval. The export version is conforms to CE requirements.


The System 1 family has grown to include tubing sizes up to 14”, and airflow up to 1400 CFM. While few installations will require air handlers of this capacity, the new System 1 - 6” and System 1 - 8” versions, using 6” and 8” tubing respectively may be useful when cooling very high output projectors or large equipment rooms.


Product System 1 – 6”
Airflow (free air), CFM 235/227 in-line/EXT
Power consumption, watts 47/90 in-line/EXT
Control Optional -

Dimensions (in-line) 9.5” dia x 8.3” 1
Dimensions, in-line, metric 241mm dia x 211mm 1
Dimensions (EXT) 10.2” w x 14” h x 5.2” d
Dimensions, EXT, metric 259mm w x 350mm h x 132mm d

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