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The System 2 Kit (with 2 fans, for most mid-sized cabinets) and 2+2 Kit (with 4 fans, for the larger cabinet or larger heat load) consist of "separates": fans, fan guards, drive electronics in a small box, power supply, and 2 temperature-sensing thermistors. Both Kits are ideal for building into an enclosure at the planning stage. (Or squeezing into existing installations that are running hot.) Fans and temperature sensors come with long wires for an easy, plug-together, no-soldering installation.



System 2 Installation Instructions

The Active Thermal Management System 2 is a self-contained ventilating system for small-to-midsize enclosures with moderate heat loads.


The System 2 is mounted over a 14 1/2" x 5 1/2 " rectangular hole (not exact - verify this dimension with the System 2 to be installed) located at the hottest part of the enclosure, usually at the top rear, and moves this air out into the room. Drill 6 mounting holes in the System 2's base plate; one in each corner, and 1 centered along each long edge. use fasteners appropriate for the specific application.  The foam strips around the base of the System 2 will provide an air-tight seal.


Provision must be made to allow room air to enter the enclosure to replace the hot air being expelled by the System 2.  A location low in the enclosure is generally preferred; the best arrangement is that in which air enters and passes by the heat-generating equipment on its way to the System 2's exhaust fans. Avoid locating the inlet too close to the System 2; room air may enter and be immediately exhausted without cooling the enclosure.



An air inlet improperly located or too small will prevent the System 2 from operating efficiently.


The System 2 is powered by a wall-type power supply. Do not plug it into a switched outlet; use an AC outlet which is always on to allow the System 2 to run after the other equipment has been turned off.  If possible, use an outlet on the same circuit that powers the equipment producing the most heat. If this circuit should fail, the ventilation will cease, but the heat source will also turn off. If the System 2 is powered from a different circuit, it is possible that that circuit could lose power while the equipment in the enclosure continued to produce heat.  The power supply cord exits from one of the longer edges of the System 2; this edge should be the lower edge if the System 2 is mounted on a vertical surface to position the local thermistor properly.


Two thermistors control the operation of the System 2. They are provided with several feet of interconnecting wire, and can be located near or on the hottest pieces of equipment, usually amplifiers. One can be mounted to an amplifier, and the other to the "always on" cable or satellite box, or TiVo. The spade-lug mounting bracket to which the thermistors are attached allows them to be attached under a convenient screw on the equipment. Alternately, the small magnets supplied can be used to “pinch” the thermistors against the equipment’s top or side covers, if they are steel.


As the temperature within the enclosure (or at the amplifier) rises past approximately 85- 90degrees, the fans will begin to turn at a moderate speed, increasing as the temperature increases. When the enclosure temperature falls, the fans will slow down, stopping when the temperature falls below approximately 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • A hair dryer can be used to check for proper operation; if one is not available, short the 2 screw connections at either "TH1" or "TH2", which will cause the fans to turn at full speed.  Note that it is normal for the fans to begin turning at slightly different temperatures, due to manufacturing variations in each fan.  It is also normal for them to remain on at a slow speed,  as many cable boxes and satellite receivers (especially hi-definition models, are always on, requiring constant ventilation.

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