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Item #: SYSTEM1
MSRP: $549.95

The System 1 – now Energy Star rated!


Our most powerful and flexible air moving system, the System 1 is available in two versions. The in-line version is suitable for indoor use, while the EXT version is mounted in a weatherproof enclosure, suitable for outdoor use in virtually any climate. Both can move over 100 CFM while producing very little noise, thanks to a precision-balanced rotor. The in-line version is now Energy Star rated; airflow has been increased by 40% to 140 CFM, power consumption has been reduced, noise level remains the same, as does the price!


Each version includes the centrifugal blower, 8’ of flexible, sound-absorbing tubing (6”OD/4”ID), and a 6 1/4” square hot air collector, a cross between a funnel and a flange that simplifies connecting the tubing to a flat surface, such as a cabinet back. The in-line is ready to plug in to any of our thermal switches or an AC outlet; the EXT is ready to be hardwired.


Both versions carry an extended 3 year warranty and are suitable for continuous operation. Both have UL and CSA approval. The export version is conforms to CE requirements.



System 1 (new in-line specs as of 7/2011)


1 centrifugal blower

Airflow (free air)

140 CFM (in-line); 103 CFM (EXT)

Noise level

34 dBA with tubing attached

Power consumption

43 watts (in-line); 55 watts (EXT)



Dimensions (in-line)

9.5” dia x 8.3” l

Dimensions, in-line, metric

241 dia x 211.l mm

Dimensions (EXT)

10.2: w x 14” h x 5.2” d

Dimensions, EXT, metric

259w x 350h x 132d mm

Weight, boxed (lbs/kgm)

6.5/3 inline; 11/5 EXT

ATM part number

00-100-02 (in-line Energy Star version)
00-100-03 (EXT version)










Parts list – before proceeding, check that you have received all of the following:

(1) System 1 fan unit, in-line or EXT             (1) 6” hot air collector

(1) 8’ length flexible tubing                            (2) 4” spring clamps



System 1 and System 1 EXT Installation Instructions

The System 1 is comprised of  a centrifugal fan, (either the in-line version for use indoors, or the weatherproof  EXT model), a hot air collector (a funnel-shaped adapter that is installed on the enclosure from which heated air is being removed), and an 8’ length of acoustically-insulated interconnecting tubing. Many accessories are available to complete the installation, such as thermal switches, variable speed controls, and others.

To install the fan and connect it to an enclosure --

1.  Determine the best location to extract the hot air from the enclosure and mount the hot air collector there.

2.  Determine the best location for the fan (preferably within 8’ of the enclosure) and mount it there.

3.  Connect the adapter and fan with 4” tubing secured with clamps.  Arrange for power control of the fan via any of the Active Thermal Management devices available for systems integration; the adjustable thermal switch,  remote digital thermal switch, or the multi-input thermal switch (which can sense temperature rise in up to 3 locations)

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