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Item #: 75504D
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Digital CATV Ground Isolator


75-504D | The Calrad 75-504D digital cable TV ground isolator hum/buzz/noise eliminator provides protection against 60hz ground currents created when electrical grounds from two different areas electrically come together, the 75-504D provides a high resistive isolation between the two grounds, preventing rolling bars or buzzing in your audio. The best location for the 75-504D is at the head end of the CATV source from the cable company, if you still experience issues, you will have to add a 75-504D at any location that uses a CATV box and that still has ground loop issues. Compatible with high speed internet and interactive digital cable boxes. Please Note! that this device will not pass DC power.


  • Input/Output Impedance: 75 ohms
  • Frequency: 5-1300Mhz
  • Insertion Loss (5-1300MHz): 0.3dB (typ) / 0.7 dB (max)
  • Return Loss (5-1300MHz): 22dB (typ) / 16dB (min)
  • Surge Protection: 3kV (All Ports)
  • F Connector Type: Female to Female
  • Insulated, shielded metal housing
  • Dimensions: Overall Length: 3.25”, Body: 2.125” (L) x 1” (W)

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