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Item #: S50125MOM3R
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Cleerline SSF Simplex, 50/125 MM OM3, 3.00mm, Riser Rated 1k ft. Pull Box

Cleerline SSF Simplex, 50/125 Multimode OM3, 3.00mm jacket, Riser Rated.   With Cleerline the termination process is done in a minute all while combining incredible strength and bend insensitivity with safety for the installer. 


Cleerline SSF – Non Strip Fiber - simplifies and improves the process of fiber optic termination.  There have been many advancements in the technology of fiber optic connectors over recent decades.  Cleerline SSF fiber now adds to this equation increasing the speed, efficiency, and safety, all while reducing the tooling involved in terminating fiber optic cables.  Cleerline SSF fiber is compatible with all common connector systems on the market for standard 50/125 multimode and 9/125 single mode fibers.



  • No stripping required.  With our proprietary design our fiber comes ready for termination without the need to strip the acrylate/polymer coating from the glass. This drastically reduces the time and precision required to terminate the fiber.
  • The glass fiber is never exposed to the elements. Not having to strip the integral acrylate/polymer coating means the glass is never exposed, tools never fracture the glass, and the end product is more stable with less long-term defects.
  • Increased safety factor due to the incredible flexibility of the fiber at all times during the termination process.
  • Ultra tight bend radius due to the reduced size and proprietary coating.
  • Ultra Low Attenuation Loss on tight bend radius
  • NSF exclusive "Soft Peel" 250um jacket identifier
  • Ultra Low attenuation loss
  • High tensile strength


Number of Fibers, Simplex = 1ea.
50/125 Multimode, OM3
250um "Soft Peel" coating =1 Orange Color Coding per TIA/EIA 568C


Flame-retardant Riser Rated PVC
3.0mm unit diameter
Orange jacket - multimode fiber
Aramid Yarns (Kevlar)
Sequential footage markings


Storage Temperature Range = -40 to +85 C

Operating Temperature Range = -20 to +75 C

Max Tensile Load for Installation = 1000(225) N(lbf)

Max Tensile Long Load term = 500(112) N(lbf)
Min. Bend Radius, Unloaded = 10 x OD (10 x 125um
Cable Outside Diameter, Nominal = 3.0mm
Package = 1000ft Pull Box
Riser Rated CL / OFNR / FT4




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