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Item #: HPWA44
MSRP: $8,950.00



  • 20, 28, or 36 standard Mono input channels
    • XLR and 1/4inch connectors on all inputs.
    • 8 Mono Gain Sharing Automix input channels standard
    • 4 Stereo input channels standard
    • 2 Stereo Line returns on 60mm faders with assignment and 2 Aux Sends
    • 1 Stereo Ambient Mic Input
    • 8 analog subgroups
    • 10 auxes
    • XLR connectors on Aux outputs
    • Left, Right & Mono Outputs
    • 11 X 2 Matrix
    • 2 Alternate outputs that can be sourced from L, R, M or Matrix outputs
    • “Fader flip" function on aux outputs places aux masters on 100mm faders in place of groups & L/R
    • 100mm high-quality faders on mono inputs, auto mix inputs, stereo inputs, groups and separate left, right and mono outputs
    • 8 channel Microprocessor controlled mute groups and scenes
    • Full talkback and monitor systems
    • Modular input blocks of 8 channels for ease of service
    • Internal, universal power supply with DC connector for external, redundant supply


Crest Audio is proud to introduce the NEW HP-W console. The HP-W console shares the diligent research and insight that inspired Crest Audio's HP-Eight consoles. Incorporating more features and flexibility to the HP-W while maintaining the audio quality and rugged build design the HP-Eight is known for. The HP-W is a perfect solution for such application as fixed installations, churches, stadiums, auditoriums, theater and corporate AV. Easy to use, flexibility and affordability makes the HP-W is a premier choice for the job.

The HP-W is packed with many innovative features. HP-W has four stereo line input channels, which can be handled in a dual mono or split track application. With a pre source balance control, a discrete “blend" of the split track can then be sent to stage monitors via the aux sends. A second “blend" of the split track can be sent to the FOH system via the Left/Right mono busses by using the post source balance control.

Standard on all HP-W consoles are 8 mono channels of AutoMix for “hands-off" spoken word mixing applications. With a push of a button to activate the AutoMix feature, the HP-W will automatically reduce the gain on microphones not being used, which nearly eliminates feedback. Having the AutoMix feature engaged will also diminish surrounding low frequencies and eradicate the chances of comb filtering. With or without the AutoMix enabled you can control the thresh hold of the compressors which are on the 8 AutoMix channels.

Every channel on the HP-W is equipped with 48 volt phantom power, pad, polarity switches and PFL's options. In addition to an input gain control, four-band EQ is also provided with fixed high and low frequency points and sweep frequency control on the two mid bands. 10 auxiliary sends and Bus assignment, L/R, and Mono switches are also provided in addition to the 8 channel mute groups system and 100 mm faders.

Design Focus
Crest Audio strives for excellence in every product. The HP-W is no exception as we “raise the bar" again. The superior design and well-organized construction techniques, the HP-W is built to fill the increasing need when it comes to professional installations and portable markets. Traditionally the level of reliability and excessive quality that Crest Audio puts into their products; the HP-W is the flagship of the HP Series


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