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Item #: KIT45796ADT
MSRP: $570.00

DSC Impassa Self-Contained 2-Way Wireless Security System w/ Vanishing Contacts & Built-In GSM

IMPASSA is the newest, next generation wireless security system from DSC that comes with the defense and offense needed to protect the the home.
Brand: DSC
Part Number: KIT457-96H


The Present and the Future

Compatible with DSC's Connect 24 (TelGuard Home Control), the DSC Impassa Self-Contained 2-Way Wireless Security System w/ Vanishing Contacts & Built-in GSM is great for homes, apartments and condos and comes equipped with today's standards and tomorrow's technology. Part of DSC's Connect 24 Series, it features remote monitoring technology, stability in its user-friendly keypad, numerous protection options with 5 included accessories and a back-up plan with built-in GSM.


Connect 24 Series

Connect 24 is the platform that puts your home security in to the palm of your hand. Arm and disarm the Impassa, bypass or view real-time status directly from any computer, smart phone or tablet. For iPhone and Android, simply download the C24 Manager Mobile App (free). For other mobile devices and computers, you'll use the C24 Mobile Portal.

Featured through both App and Portal is C24's Home Automation controls. With other C24 products, you can literally control lights, cameras and thermostats all from your smart phone. The Impassa is the glue that holds all the C24 products together. You can also choose to receive immediate notifications via email or SMS straight to your web-enabled device.


Keypad w/ 2-Way Audio

In no time, this DSC alarm system's keypad will become your home's central command center. Instead of bulky hardwired control panels and external speakers- this keypad contains it all. The soft-touch buttons on the keypad allow you to activate/deactivate this system and fast-action emergency keys are instantly accessible should a frightening situation arise.

In emergency situations, you'll be glad you have the 2-Way Audio feature. Built-in to the keypad is a loud speaker and microphone, allowing you to quickly and clearly communicate distress to a central monitoring station. Most home alarm systems simply aren't capable of this kind of protection.


Included Accessories

(3) Vanishing Wireless Door/Window Contacts: Discreetly protect 3 entry points on your property in style. These transmitters feature a revolutionary thin size, essentially disappear in most homes, have a lithium battery life of 5 years and their rare earth magnet keeps the sensor free from failure.

(1) Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Detector: The detector is usually stationed in the family room for wide coverage and is pet-immune. Pets up to 60lbs. can roam freely without triggering the sophisticated Infrared tracking system.

(1) Wireless Keyfob: Arm and Disarm your system after you exit and before you enter your home. The keyfob attaches to a key ring, has a panic button for emergency situations and will no doubt make remembering to activate your home alarm system much easier.


Installation and Expansion

Installation for this wireless alarm system is a breeze for any do-it-yourselfer. Only 1 wire is needed (AC power for the keypad) and the rest of the wireless accessories help to keep your home looking great with no wired disruptions. Enrolling the devices is a user-friendly experience as well with simple keypad programming- and the benefits don't end there. With 64 wireless zones, add more accessories at will. Especially useful if you move to a larger home and want to up your alarm system. With the DSC Impassa, begin enjoying today's technology with a plan for tomorrow's capabilities.



  • Supports 64 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys (without using a zone slot)
  • Built-in 2-way audio VOX and push-to-talk alarm communication via phone line and cellular
  • Integrated HSPA (3G) cellular module with 3G signal strength read-out
  • Real time clock update using HSPA (3G) module
  • Remote firmware upgrade via HSPA (3G)
  • 2-way wireless support: - 1 keypad, - 2 sirens, - 16 wireless keys
  • Easy wireless device enrollment process
  • Full 32-character programmable labels
  • Enlarged keypad buttons
  • 5 programmable function keys
  • Individual FAP keys
  • 17 user codes
  • 128 event buffer
  • False alarm reduction features (CP-01)
  • Outdoor temperature display
  • Label Library
  • C24 Interactive Compatible




Dimensions 8.93" x 5.51" x 1.65" 
227mm (L) x 140mm (W) x 42mm (D)
Current Draw 425 mA -750 mA
Power Supply 16.5 VAC/20 VA @ 50/60 Hz
Aux+ Output 12.0-12.5 VDC/100 mA
Battery Backup 24 hr Backup
Operating Environment 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
Relative Humidity 5% to 93%
Zone Count 64
Access Codes 17


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