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Item #: HS32119CP01
MSRP: $457.50

DSC PowerSeries NEO HS32119CP01 Board and Cabinet

PowerSeries NEO is DSC's newest line of quality security systems that offers not only a wide range of hardwire solutions but also DSC's new Power G series of wireless devices. This makes the PowerSeries NEO the most comprehensive hybrid security system in the industry. The NEO systems can be used in residential applications or can also be scaled up to meet large commercial applications as well.

The HS2032NK Board and Cabinet is the mid-range of the NEO spectrum and is perfect for a small home or small business installation. The HS2032 starts off with 8 hardwired zones and can be expanded up to 32. You can also add a receiver to this system and make it a hardwired/wireless hybrid. You can also get 32 wireless zones from the HS2032NK. This has 4 paritions that you can use to basically turn your one burglary panel into four.

The HS2032NK also comes with 2 PGM outputs and you can expand the system to have 38 PGM outputs with either the HSM2204 or HSM2208 PGM expander cards. The control also features template programming to make some of your programming work a little easier. Also included in the HS2032NK's list of impressive features are its 500 event log and the ability to store up to 72 user codes.

This version of the HS2032NK is CP01 compliant and has all the fail safes in place to help protect against false alarms. You will not be able to pick values for some programming sections below a certain value such as the entry/exit delays. Keep in mind that this is the board only and you will need a cabinet, transformer and backup battery to go with it.

What this includes:

1-HS2032NK NEO 8-32 zone panel in a PC5003C cabinet
1-HS2LCDRF9 LCD hardwired keypad with built-in PowerG Transceiver
1-accessory kit (BD4-12 battery, transformer, jack/cord and SD15WULF siren)
  • 8 on-board zones
    Expandable to 32 wireless and hardwired zones
    2 PGM outputs: expandable to 38 (HSM2204, HSM2208)
    Template programming
    Connect up to 8 supervised keypads with keypad zones
    4 partitions
    500-event buffer
    72 user codes


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