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Item #: T4001ES
MSRP: $169.00

**Special Bundle Offer** Please note this item is bundled together with a Nest Protect for a $40 total savings for the month of June. The Nest Protect will show up in the cart at $0 dollars, but this is not the case and our sales team will adjust the bundle amount at the time of invoice. If you do not want to take part in the bundle, simply remove the Nest Protect from your cart upon checkout.


Nest Thermostat E


It’s easy to save energy.

The Nest Thermostat E turns itself down when you’re away. You can control it from anywhere. And its frosted display is beautifully designed to blend right in.


Designed to go unnoticed.

Nest Thermostat E’s frosted display blends in beautifully. Up close, everything you see is soft and subtle, like a watercolor. And it all disappears when you walk away




Turn it up or down from anywhere.

With the Nest app, change the temperature from the beach, the office or your bed.*

  • Remote control.

    From your phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Check your Energy History.

    See how much you save. And see how to save more.

  • Know if there’s a problem.

    Nest can tell you about your furnace, filters and more.

  • Family Accounts.

    Everyone at home can use the Nest app.



Size and weight

  • Mass: 4.9 oz (139 g)
  • Diameter: 3.19 in (8.1 cm)
  • Height: 1.14 in (2.89 cm)






  • 24-bit color LCD
  • 320 x 320 resolution at 182 pixels per inch
  • 1.76 in (4.5 cm) diameter



  • English (US, UK)
  • Dutch
  • French (Canada, France)
  • Italian
  • Spanish (North America, Spain)



  • The Nest Thermostat E works with most 24V heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, forced air, heat pump, radiant, oil, hot water, solar and geothermal.
  • Heating and Cooling: 1 stage of heating (W1) and cooling (Y1) and a second stage or either heating (W2) or cooling (Y2).
  • Heat pump: with auxiliary and emergency heat (O/B, AUX)
  • Fan (G)
  • Power (C, Rh or Rc)
  • The Nest Thermostat E is designed to work even if your home doesn’t have a common (C) wire, but installing a new C wire may be required.
  • If you have a dual fuel system, we strongly recommend professional installation.



  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Proximity/Occupancy
  • Ambient light



Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery



Less than 1 kWh/month


Connectivity requirements

  • Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Phone or tablet running iOS or Android
  • Nest app



  • 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz, 802.11a/n 5GHz
  • 802.15.4 @ 2.4GHz
  • Bluetooth Low Energy



  • UL 60730-1, Standard for Safety Automatic Controls
  • UL 60730-2-9, Particular Requirements for Temperature Sensing Controls


In the box

  • Display
  • Base
  • Optional trim plate
  • Mounting screws and labels
  • Installation Guide
  • Pro installation card

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