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Item #: FLXP3X3M1011US
MSRP: $19.99

Flexson Flexson FLXP3X3M1011US 3M Ext Cable for PLAY:3, PLAY:5, PLAYBAR, SUB - White



Flexson 3M White Extension Power Cable

Flexson’s Extension Cables for SONOS allow you to put your SONOS wireless and multi room speakers exactly where you want – not just where their power cables will stretch to! Get rid of ugly extension blocks and choose this bespoke, neat solution. Available in 1m and 3m lengths, the Flexson Extension Cables increases the length of the SONOS mains cable to 4.9m/16.2ft (3m Extension Cable). The Flexson Extension Cables merges seamlessly to match a White SONOS speakers and cabling.


The Extension Cables are ideal to use with Flexson floorstands, wall mounts and ceiling mounts. For example, you will have plenty of length to run the power cable neatly through a floorstand and onto the best power socket in the room. This White Flexson Extension Cable works with the SONOS PLAY;3, PLAY:5 (Gen 1 & 2), PLAYBAR and SUB. Flexson is a British specialist in accessories for SONOS, with more than 75 solutions to help you get more from every SONOS product. Designed for SONOS PLAY:3, PLAY:5 (Gen 1 & 2), PLAYBAR and SUB

  • Increases length of SONOS mains cable to 4.9m/16.2ft (3m cable)
  • Ideal for use with Flexson floorstands and/or wall mounts
  • Black and White versions available to match your SONOS speaker and cabling


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