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Item #: XDS1068
MSRP: $689.00

XDS-1068: 10-inch All-in-One Multi-touch Signboard with Power-over-Ethernet

The XDS-1068 On-demand Cloud Signboard combines great touch interactivity with advanced "Power-over-Ethernet" technology, vastly reducing cost of installation by combining power and networking into just one wire. The product makes a great browsable multimedia catalog on the retail shelf, and services as an on-demand information kiosk on the desks of top corporate executives.

On-demand visual information

The device features a 10-point multi-touch display to serve as a two-way visual communication gateway for the retail shopper as a shelf-edge interactive electronic catalog. In addition, it makes a great tool to display conference room schedule by the doorside, and can be programmed to allow on-spot interactive reservation.

Using the Google Android API and the built-in video camera, the device allows integrators to develop custom advanced applications including gesture control and audience measurement.

Simplifed deployment

One of the greatest cost in digital signage comes from installation and maintenance. IAdea's unique Power-over-Ethernet technology makes it easy to install digital signage on the packed retail shelf space and outside of meeting rooms and classrooms.

Once the devices are installed, IAdea's large partner ecosystem enables cloud-based management via dozens of approved professional management software options. Device hardware features solid-state storage and advanced low-power computing technology, providing higher reliability for large project deployments. The ability to perform content, configuration, application, and even firmware updates over the cloud greatly reduces maintenance cost during the life cycle of large content networks. 

Dynamic content

In a compact unit designed for easy table-top placement or mounting, the device packs the latest HTML5 and SMIL open content technology to support rich content including video, audio, graphics and high-quality fonts. Dynamic scripting in JavaScript allows integration with live data sources from back-end databases and live social networks. 

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