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Item #: HF60LA
MSRP: $949.99


CineBeam LED Home Theater Projector with Smart TV and Magic Remote


Key Features

  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution
  • LG Smart TV Enabled
  • Brightness 1,400 Lumens (ANSI )
  • Bluetooth Sound Out
  • Trumotion


Bright & Smart

Enjoy a bigger Full HD picture—up to 120”—with LG’s Smart TV CineBeam projector displaying exceptional 1400 lumens brightness.


LG Smart TV 

LG's exclusive Smart TV streaming content platform is simple to set up and offers fast and fun discovery of exciting premium movies, TV shows and more from popular content providers.* The included Magic Remote makes navigation a breeze.


Vivid Full HD Display

Watch movies and more in true 1080p high-definition sharpness, full of the fine detail that can be lost at lower resolutions. The picture remains lifelike and text is crystal-clear when displayed at up to 120 inches.


Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is the range of darkest to brightest areas of the picture and the hallmark of great image quality. Where contrast is concerned, wider is better, The HF6LA projector has an impressive ratio of up to 150,000:1.


Bluetooth Sound Out

Wirelessly stream sound directly from the CineBeam projector to a Bluetooth compatible sound system like home audio speakers, headphones or portable speakers to pair big sound to the big viewing experience.


LED Lamp Life

The powerful light source displays rich, natural colors and will last up to an estimated 30,000 hours. That means that if the projector is used eight hours a day, every day, the lamp will not need to be replaced for about 10 years.


Adjustable Display

Easily correct common image distortions, assuring an ideal presentation every time. With its four-corner keystone technology, this projector allows for manual adjustment of the image at all four corners.








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