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Item #: 1105W
MSRP: $246.09

PC Access Software

PC Access allows the user to set up, program, and
monitor a home control system over a modem or by
a serial or network connection. PC Access is the only
software product HAI offers that has the ability to
program an HAI home control system. Registered users
receive free updates.
Completely redesigned with a contemporary look and

New Features Include:
• Enhanced automation programming:
- ability to save programs to disk for reuse
- ability to add comments to programs
- simplified program editing
- search and replace
- support for enhanced programming with multiple
triggers, conditions and commands in a single
• Integrated help and documentation
• Account summary page
• Fewer mouse clicks and keystrokes
• Easy tree-based navigation
• Simplified set up where all names and related
properties of an object can be edited on a single
• All lists can be sorted and/or filtered
• Supports longer, more descriptive, “friendly” names
• Ability to name UPB™ links and other lighting scenes
• Integrated firmware updater for new flash–enabled

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