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Item #: 74A001
MSRP: $468.00

Automation/ AV Controllers


The affordable Lumina Gateway features scheduling event logic, up to 40 connected wireless two-way sensors and load control, free email or SMS text notification based on event, free apps for remote access, and free software for setup. Additionally, Leviton Cloud Service was created for the professional installer as a method to both facilitate user-friendly system connections, proper installation, and secure encrypted communication. Leviton’s powerful Lumina RF family ensures energy savings in new construction and retrofit, utilizing wireless sensors and devices to control temperatures, lamps, fans, pumps and third-party window coverings. The Gateway itself functions as an energy management coordinator allowing automation of loads and control of multiple properties from smartphone apps.


  • Features Lumina RF wireless technology, a 2.4GHz mesh network with a proven track record in light commercial applications for distance and reliability.
  • Centralized timing functions make load scheduling simple for signage and other important facets of the business.
  • Choose from wireless sensors to enable open/close, motion or occupancy based events.
  • Notify the property owner or manager when an event has occurred on the property.
  • Free Lumina Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • Leviton Cloud Service is a core component, as it is utilized by integrators to download installation software, register project, and connect app to Gateway with user credentials.
  • Leviton Part Number: LU741


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