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Item #: VRI061LZ
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VRI06-1LZ Vizia RF + 600W Incandescent Scene Capable Dimmer for single pole



Vizia RF + 600W Incandescent Scene Capable Dimmer for single pole, 3-way or more applications, with LED locator and brightness display. White face assembled on device, ivory and light almond faces included.

Vizia RF +™ is the perfect image of “smart” lighting control, featuring Z-Wave® radio frequency technology and compatibility with Leviton’s Decora® products. The robust radio frequency system offers one-touch control of lights and appliances, dramatic scene transitions, timed events and many desirable options that will enhance your home. Vizia RF + products adapt to your lifestyle without the need for new wiring, providing a luxurious upgrade for less than you might imagine.



-Style Name: Vizia RF +

-Switch Type: Single-Pole, 3-Way or More Applications

-Type: Digital / Z-Wave 900MHz

-Load Type: Incandescent

-Load Rating: 600W

-Voltage: 120 Volt AC 60 Hz

-Light: LED Locator and Brightness Display

-LED Color: Green

-Warranty: 5-Year Limited

-Standards and Certifications: UL/CSA

-Color: White Ivory Light Almond

-Color Change Kit: VPKIT-MD


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