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Item #: DWSPCP04LSC004
MSRP: $152.50

DW Spectrum IPVMS

DW Spectrum is a powerful and user-friendly IP Video Management software, highly optimized to provide unlimited scalability, unmatched bandwidth savings and simplified system setup and management. DW Spectrum offers cutting-edge User Interface (UI) with features such as unlimited layout designs, smart network bandwidth auto-adjust, the software is fast, light and powerful.

The software offers features such as Thumbnail Search, Calendar Search, Smart Motion Search, Remote Camera Configuration, and auto network mapping and connection to all supported cameras.


DW Spectrum Licenses:


Reasons to Choose DW Spectrum™ IPVMS:

  1. Ease of Use – DW Spectrum’s user interface is dramatically easier to use than any other VMS on the market.
    1. Seamless Transitions from live to recorded video.
    2. Integrated Search – smart, calendar and thumbnail search from the single interface.
      1. Bookmarks (v2.5) – Users can Bookmark specific segments of archived video with names, descriptions and tags either manually or via system rules. Great for tagging and recalling critical system events.
    3. Multiple Download Options – AVI, MKV or native DW Spectrum™ from the same single interface.
      1. Storage Backup (v2.5) – Users can now set up real-time or scheduled archive backup of high-res, low-res or all streams from selected cameras to local or network attached storage (NAS).
    4. Advanced Features – interactive mapping, alarms and events, regions of interest, fisheye de-warping from the same single interface.
      1. External alarm events can be delivered to DW Spectrum™ right from the IP camera or via network I/O modules.
    5. Intelligent High Definition Multi-Streaming video management with no user programming required – delivers unmatched bandwidth savings.
    6. Server and System Programming from the same single interface.
  2. Enterprise Features are Standard.
    1. Multi-Server capability on every DW Spectrum™ system deployed.
    2. Centralized Management capability on every DW Spectrum™ system deployed.
    3. DW Spectrum™ allows you to group servers together and act as one single system with no need for a dedicated management server.
      1. If one server goes down, the others are still fully operational – meaning all of your user settings, events, alarms and other important information will stay intact – preventing delays and minimizing the impact on your resources.
    4. Minimize Video Recording Loss with included Failover to help you protect video recordings from hardware failures as well as network interruptions.
      1. Design your multi-server surveillance solution with adequate system overhead to automatically protect video recording and prioritize critical cameras.
      2. No additional spare server or spare licensing is required.
    5. LDAP / Active Directory Integration for enterprise wide user management.
      1. DW Spectrum’s user management allows user to see as much or as little as system administration desires.
      2. DW Spectrum’s audit trail allows administrators to review all user activity.
  3. Open & Cross Platform Capabilities.
    1. Open as in DW Spectrum's support of thousands of cameras/encoders from hundreds of IP video manufacturers.
    2. Open as in DW Spectrum™ support of cameras at every resolution.
    3. Cross as in DW Spectrum’s recording engine running on Windows® and Linux® Operating Systems.
    4. Cross as in DW Spectrum™ client software being Windows®, Linux® and Mac® compatible.
    5. Cross as in DW Spectrum™ mobile apps being iOS® and Android® compatible.
    6. Open as in DW Spectrum’s built in API allowing video managed in DW Spectrum™ to be accessed and reviewed by any willing 3rd party device.
    7. Open as in DW Spectrum’s built in SDK allowing 3rd party devices to stream into DW Spectrum™.
    8. Open as in DW Spectrum’s built in HTTP Rest API allowing any 3rd party device to create alarm events in DW Spectrum™.
    9. Open as in DW Spectrum’s built in Storage SDK allowing developers to read from or write to any storage location — locally available, remote storage and even cloud servers.
  4. Complete IP Solution - Although DW Spectrum™ is Open to be deployed on a vast number of solutions, it is also part of Digital Watchdog’s Complete IP Solution:
    1. Blackjack™ NVRs – preloaded with DW Spectrum™ – optimized for high reliability operation and minimal setup time.
    2. MEGApix™ Cameras – high definition image quality for every application.
    3. Compressor™ Encoders – the easiest way to bring existing analog camera investments into the high definition world.
  5. Lifetime Upgrades are included.
    1. While other companies require annual maintenance agreements, DW Spectrum™ system upgrades are always available.
    2. DW Spectrum™ one button upgrade capability allows administrators to perform system wide/cross platform upgrades with a click.
  6. Bonus Reason – Because of all of the above, DW Spectrum™ is deployed at tens of thousands of locations worldwide, making DW Spectrum™ the industry’s fastest growing video management solution on the market today


  • 1080P Screen Recording
  • Automatic Failover
  • Codecs & Streams: H.264, MJPEG
  • Cross Platform: Linux, Windows, and MAC clients
  • Digital Zoom: Live and Playback
  • Dual Stream Recording
  • Firmware Upgrade: Auto via FTP Server and Manual
  • Fully Customizable Layouts
  • Help Menu on Major Functions
  • Import/ Export Configurations Between Multiple DVRs
  • Mobile Application: Apple iOS devices: iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod Touch Android devices: all smartphones and tablets
  • Multiple Recording Schedules: Separate Recording Schedules per camera
  • NAS- Network Attached Storage
  • Network Bandwidth Control
  • OnVIF Conformant
  • Panic Recording
  • Remote Software Platforms
  • S.M.A.R.T Health Check with E-mail Notifications
  • Simple Enterprise Scalability
  • Special Search Options: Go To, Multi-Date & Time, Panoramic, Smart Search, Samrt Motion Search, Thumbnail Search, Preview Search, Single Channel Playback during Live, Frame-by-Frame
  • Watermark Verification [Digital Signature Authentication]
  • Web- Based Client with Multi- User Access: Live, Playback
  • AutoDiscovery: Automatic Device Discovery and Display
  • PTZ: Advanced PTZ Control for supported IP PTZ Cameras
  • Back Up: Remote backup using DW Spectrum IPVMS
  • Motion Detection: Advanced Motion Detection
  • Recording Mode: Continuous, Motion Recording, Motion Recording + Low Resolution always
  • E-mail and Text Event Notifications: Yes


IP Protocols
Static, DHCP, Wireless
Mobile Applications
Apple iOS devices: iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod Touch Android devices: all smartphones and tablets
OnVIF Conformant
Network Connection
1000 Mbps


Camera Image Control
Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, 3D-DNR, WDR, Camera firmware upgrade and Reboot
Firmware Upgrade
USB Drive, Network Upgrade, FTP Remote Upgrade
Playback Resolution
Depending on Recording parameter
Recording Mode
Continuous, Motion Recording, Motion Recording + Low Resolution always
Search Modes
Instant Motion-Based Smart Search, Advanced Thumbnail Search, Calendar Search, Preview Search, Frame-by-Frame Search
Special Features
Fully Customizable Layouts, Easy Drag-n-Drop Camera Management and Recording
Compression Type
Pre Alarm Recording
External Export Devices
Micro SD Card, USB Flash Drive, USB HDD


Dual Stream Recording
Maximum Supported Cameras
Operating System
Linux, Windows, Mac Client

Prop 65WARNING: This product contains chemicals including Styrene which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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