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Item #: 2A46W
MSRP: $65.00

Double Gang Décor In-Wall
Power Solution Kit with 6 ft cord

Use MIDLITE’s® innovative patent pending Double Gang Décor In-Wall Power Solution, 125V, 15 amp to install power behind your flat panel TV and audio and video devices.

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  • Provides an affordable power solution for wall mounted flat panel TVs
  • Perfect for retro-fit construction projects
  • Configurable Décor Power Modules
  • Fits in standard 14 cubic inch electric box
  • Includes 5 year warranty
  • Conforms to UL STD 514D and Certified CSA STD 22.2 42.1-00
    Meets National Electric Code Requirement
  • Can be used with remote Surge/Power Conditioner to HDTV.
  • Available in White, Light Almond, Ivory, and Black

    Décor Recessed Receptacle and Power Inlet Kit:
    (1) 1-Gang Décor Recessed Receptacle
    (1) 1-Gang Décor Recessed Power Inlet
    (2) Décor-Style Wireport™
    (2) 2-Gang Dual Voltage Retro Work PVC boxes
    (1) 6 ft. 14 gauge, 15 amp Black Power Cord

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