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Item #: 2GESR5266W
MSRP: $30.00

Use MIDLITE’s® innovative patent pending Power + Port™, 125V, 15 amp power recessed plug and Wireport™ Wall Plate System to install power and low voltage cables behind your flat panel TV and audio and video devices. The modules are sold separately and can be pieced together to create several configurations as shown below. The Power + Port™ includes the 2GESR and 2GESP which is designed with patented keyed-tab features that hold both halves together and allow separate installation of each half.

  • AC powered recessed plug is the deepest available with a depth of 1.4"" for plug clearance.
  • CE Professionals can install just the Wireport™ half (2GESP) and hand the powered receptacle half (2GESR) to a licensed electrician.
  • Multiple wall plate combinations can be built at the job site.
  • Cables can be fed through the Wireport™ with ease from the ceiling down and the floor up.
  • No extra sheet rock cutting required. Designed for use with 2-gang dual voltage box (old work or new work).
  • Standard double gang wall plate size for easier fit near panel mount brackets.
  • Think Green! This is the least plastic content product design in its class!
  • This device is in compliance with UL 514C and CSA 22.2 No. 42.1

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