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Item #: NVGW100NA
MSRP: $199.00



The core of the wireless, room-to-room network of NuVo’s wireless players, the Gateway connects to a home router and uses the latest Wi-Fi protocol to reliably send music, from your home network or Internet Radio, to multiple players throughout your system.




features & benefits

  • The Gateway allows all of your players to talk to each other, share audio content, initiate commands, and even play the same content through every zone, all in perfect sync.
  • Just connect to your home router and the system automatically streams audio from the internet to your players, without any fuss or hassle.
  • Using the state-of-the-art wireless protocol, 802.11n, the NuVo system can deliver faster more robust signal transmission. That means your music is constantly streaming.
  • Concurrent use of both 2.4 and 5.6 Ghz bands allows the system to avoid interference. That means your music never stops or hiccups.
  • Wireless "n" technology offers the most broad range signal capability, to send music throughout your entire home, and even outside areas.



  • Overall Dimensions Metric: 11.25cm H x 17.7cm W x 13.3cm D
  • Overall Dimensions U S: 4.82" H x 6.97" W x 5.24" D
  • Primary Packaging Weight Metric: 0.975kg
  • Primary Package Weight U S: 2.15lbs
  • Product Weight Metric: 0.3kg
  • Product Weight U S: 0.65lbs



  • Operating Temperature Celsius: 0° C to 40° C
  • Power Requirements: 12V DC, 1.0A



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