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Item #: P3608
MSRP: $84.95

P360-8 8 Outlet Floor Strip & USB Charging


Best for Media Rooms. Two detachable USB modules tether to table or desktop for convenient USB charging hub (6’ cable included). Features best in class protection with active over/under-voltage protection that automatically resets itself when power conditions return to normal. The Circle of Protection™ LED displays real time protection, wiring and voltage status. The Power360-8 is covered by a lifetime product warranty plus a $500,000 connected equipment protection policy.


  • Best in class protection with Protect-Or-Disconnect + SmartGuard active over/under voltage monitoring
  • Detachable USB module tethers to P360-8 for convenient USB charging on table or desktop (6' cable included)
  • "Circle Of Protection" displays protection, wiring and voltage status
  • RFI/EMI AC Filtering
  • 4 high capacity USB ports
  • 8 AC outlets
  • Coax + Telco/LAN surge protection


Protect-or- Disconnect
Keeps electronics safe from power spikes.

Protects against brownouts and other dangerous voltage conditions.

Circle of Protection
LED indicator monitors wiring, voltage, and protection status

USB Chargers
2.1A capacity and can charge up to two devices simultaneously (two mobile devices or one tablet)

AC Outlets
Outlets allow flexible cord and plug placement.

Powerful Warranty
Lifetime product warranty plus $75,000 connected equipment warranty P360-Dock, P360-6 $250,000, & P360-8 $500,000

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