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Item #: P047NNN
MSRP: $17.99

Planet Waves Intersect "Y" Adapter (1pk)


Planet Waves Intersect "Y" Adapter (1pk)
Using premade Y adapters can leave you with a bulky wad of extra cable that you have to zip-tie and hide. Who wants that? Split or combine AV signals without the mess by making custom-length Y cables using this innovative adapter. It assembles just like any Planet Waves connector - just cut the cable, twist on the connector and tighten the set screw to create custom lengths for your specific application. Plus it’s part of a complete product line of connectors, cables and accompanying tools that provide clean, streamlined back-of-rack solutions.


  • Designed to work specifically with Planet Waves 3/16" High Definition Coaxial Cable
  • No stripping or crimping tools required


Fast 3-Step Termination
Leave the clunky stripping and crimping tools at home. Simply cut the end of the cable, twist on the connector, and tighten down the set screw. It cleanly penetrates the outer jacket to provide superior contact for the life of the connector. And you can do it all using just one small, lightweight Cutter/Screwdriver Tool Kit.


Completely Reusable
If you happen to end up with an imperfect termination – which is highly unlikely – instead of cutting the connector off and eating the cost of it, with Planet Waves you just back out the set screw, cut the end of the cable, and start over. Talk about a smart solution!

Premiere Back-of-Rack Solution
When you have a lot of rack components that need to be connected, using bulky RG59 or RG6 cabling can get pretty messy. The Planet Waves line of ultra-slim cabling, connectors and accompanying tools allow professionals to deliver a clean, polished back-of-rack solution. Shallow connectors and Y adapters with customizable leg lengths pair with super thin and flexible coax cable to make tight turns and neat terminations where you need them most.

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