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Item #: VARIPW81
MSRP: $1,013.00

RAYTEC VARIPW81 WH LT 1 PAN 10, 35, 60D @ 492, 262, 148'


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The AWARD winning VARIO w8 IP series of network illuminators is a new range of fully IP controllable White-Light lighting designed for all CCTV and security installations.


VARIO IP provides remote access for quick and easy set up, commissioning operation and maintenance of your lighting scheme. Each VARIO IP illuminator has an integrated web interface enabling users to configure, manage and instantly control large lighting installations, from anywhere on the network.


Discovery software is provided as standard to allow easy and fast connection directly to each lamp and its web interface. Users can truly configure their lighting installation to meet operational requirements and instantly respond to live events in real time, for the best CCTV images and safety 24/7.


With the ability to be controlled remotely from anywhere on the network, VARIO IP also reduces visits to site, minimising transport and labour costs and saving time, whilst ensuring maximum performance from your system at all times.


VARIO IP Integrated Web Interface
• Quick access screen for manual adjustment and instant response to live events
• Basic settings: power on/off, boost and deterrent lighting
• Advanced user defined settings: timer functions, deterrent function, photocell sensitivity adjustment, soft start and many more
• Instant control of individual or group of lights
• Diagnostics for instant feedback on the status of each light
• Advanced diagnostics to help with remote support and troubleshooting
• Easy upgrade of software versions
• Fully password protected
• Different access rights for user and administrator

Optional software levels are also available for advanced control of your lighting within the overall security system. Including dedicated Raytecsoftware providing additional features and an API for easy integration into VMS and BMS environments.

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Raytec Design App - CLICK HERE

The Raytec Design app assists with product selection and design of lighting systems for CCTV/security applications. Either white light (visible light) or infrared (invisible to the naked eye) can be used. 

First the map location is selected by the user, then the model of illuminator is chosen and placed on the map.

Single, double or triple panel units allow for varying sizes and angles resulting in highly customizable coverage of the surveilled area. If the illuminator does not meet the criteria for coverage, simply choose the next larger or smaller size or angle available.


The coverage areas are clearly marked as triangular shaped overlays on the map so the user can identify which areas are being illuminated.
A Bill of Materials will be generated to show the equipment specified.


These projects can be saved for future editing and can be emailed, along with .jpegs of the project for future reference.






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