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Item #: CAFH01
MSRP: $119.99

3U High Volume Fan SANUS EcoSystem™ accessory

SANUS Component Series CAFH01 3U high volume fan easily connects to the CAPT01 MultiVolt Power Supply to help create the SANUS EcoSystem™ - a fully customizable accessory that serves as the single power source for all low-voltage equipment in an AV rack. This component is automatically activated by the thermostat kit (included with the MultiVolt Power Supply) when the rack exceeds 85 degrees and turns off when the rack goes below 75 degrees, plus Power Wire.


Take A Look At These Specs

Product Brand: SANUS

Model Code: CAFH01

Product Width: 19.00" / 48.26cm

Package Width: 20.08" / 51.00cm

Package Height: 2.17" / 5.51cm

Package Depth: 1.42" / 3.61cm

Noise Rating: 45.00 dBA

Air Volume Movement: 156 SCFM

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