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MSRP: $2,579.00


ELEMENTI X Unlimited Players + Custom Widget creation + Advanced feed parsing + Advanced Developer Tools



The right software interface for the right need.

We understand every customer has different requirements. Whether you are looking for an intuitive, plug and play web interface or fully featured software solution, we offer the right products to solve your needs. Discover our web interface and our Elementi software.


Elementi. The N°1 digital signage software.




Elementi is our simple yet powerful digital signage software.

Deliver a visually rich experience to any combination of screens across all your networks. With Elementi, you can create high impact projects including video walls, interactive kiosks and live streaming video. You are always a click away from previewing your digital signage project in full screen and from publishing it directly on all your HMPs.

The all-new Elementi version is here.


With the new Elementi, you have even more opportunities to put data-driven signage at the core of your digital communication.

Elementi comes in 20 languages and with 250+ professional and secure widgets that automatically bring data from your everyday tools to the screen, drastically reducing content production costs.

Elementi works in parallel with the built-in web interface of HMP300 and HMP350. This enables you to seamlessly delegate content creation between external agencies and your own creative team. You can quickly add and authorize user roles on the web interface allowing your team to schedule content prepared externally in Elementi, as well as to quickly design and add their own content, using nothing but the interface.





Optimal value for maximum flexibility.

Elementi’s pricing is based on a per-user basis: you do not pay more for every new player you add to your network. This lowers the total cost of ownership and makes it more affordable to scale. With your Elementi purchase, you get 1 year of free included Elementi Update Plan.


Elementi Update Plan. Stay future-proof.

Elementi is evolving and improving every year. The Elementi Update Plan allows you to activate every new version as soon as it is released. It champions 4 important benefits: always-up-to-date software, maximum security with the latest security patches, best in class support in your language,and unlimited flexibility to get started whenever you like via a streamlined online purchase.


Three versions for three types of use.


ELEMENTI S 10 Players


ELEMENTI M Unlimited Players + Controll of publishing rights + Control of editing user right


ELEMENTI X Unlimited Players + Custom Widget creation + Advanced feed parsing + Advanced Developer Tools


Whatever the need, we have the right version of Elementi for you today. Elementi S and Elementi M are the versions aimed for sale to end-users. We believe that content creation is where value can be added and creativity can be developed. This is why we developed Elementi X. It is intended for integrators who wish to develop and sell content for end-users.

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