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Item #: 951046S1
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Stereo Analog Audio Ground Isolation Balun with IR, RS232, RS422 or RS485 Connectivity (Sold in Pairs)


95-1046-S1 | Stereo Analog Audio Ground Isolation Balun with IR, RS232, RS422 or RS485 Connectivity - Sold in Pairs: The Calrad 95-1046-S1 Audio-IR-Data Pigtail Balun is ideal for residential, corporate A/V, schools, home theater applications and any other situation involving structured audio distribution that transmits stereo audio signals via Cat.5e/6 UTP cable. This Balun provides a low cost and versatile UTP cabling solution for any analog audio distribution system. Each audio channel transmission signal is completely isolated with transformer based circuitry from start to finish eliminating any issues with ground loops or audio 60hz hums. The balun also has a single 3.5mm IR signal path for bi-directional signal communication and also a cable pair for data-control communication that supports RS232, RS422, RS485. Easy bi-directional connectivity either balun can act as a transmitter or receiver. Use standard pre-made Cat5e, Cat6 cables or terminate your own cabling using the 568A standard start to finish or the 568B standard start to finish. Distances of up to 250ft., see detailed specifications below. Please Note! All 4 pairs \ 8 conductors of the RJ45 connector are used and no spare connectivity is available.



  • Balun Connectivity: Each Balun can act as a Transmitter or Receiver
  • Analog Audio: Left (White Color) + Right (Red Color) RCA Plugs
  • Audio Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 50 kHz +/-3 dB
  • IR Signal: 3.5mm Mono Female Jack
  • RS232, RS422, RS485 Signals: 2 conductor wire, (RS232 half duplex)
  • UTP Balanced Signal Transmission: Female 8 Position RJ45 Jack
  • Ground Isolation: Balanced Audio Transformers (Left + Right Channels)
  • Max Transmission Distance: 200 ft. Stranded UTP cable, 250 ft. Solid UTP cable
  • Size: L-2.72” x W-0.88” x H-0.87”
  • Pigtail Cable Length: 6”
  • Color: Black

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