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Strong™ Razor Tilt Mount for Flat Panel TVs

Engineered specifically for today’s low-profile flat panel displays, the Strong™ Razor Tilt Mount for Flat Panel TVs sits a slim 0.96” off the wall when fully collapsed. And with plenty of custom AV and installer-friendly features - like kickstands to prop the TV away from the wall while running wires, and an adjustable safety release ring for fast access to connections - this tilt mount couldn’t be easier to use. It even has a post-installation leveling screw to make last minute adjustments a breeze.



Post-Install Leveling

Whether the mantle isn’t level, the ceiling is sloped, or you didn’t get the mount exactly straight, this post-installation adjustment screw makes it easy to correct the problem. Simply tighten it or loosen it to make any last-minute adjustments quickly and easily.


Extra Security and Easy Access

Each arm includes LokTight™ tabs that provide extra security and prevent curious kids from lifting the display off wall – plus they have strategically placed pads to prevent scratches. Plus, give the release ring a light pull and the mount’s latching clips will shift, disengaging the display bracket and providing quick access to all connections.


Installer-Friendly Wall Plate

The wall plate’s center bolt hole location includes a notch - so you can drill in a sheetrock screw for temporary hanging - plus it has multiple slot locations to fit a variety of stud patterns. A stamped “up arrow” makes sure the orientation is correct, and once the TV is installed, you can move the plate side-to-side to achieve the perfect position for viewi


Fingertip Tilt and Home Latching

Adjust this mount anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees with just the touch of a finger. Screws on either arm allow you to tighten or loosen the hold as needed. And when it’s in the vertical position, simply push the TV until it latches into place securely against the wall.


Low Profile Look and Feel

A mount this slim is perfect for making ultra-thin TVs look their best. The Razor Tilt Mount measures in at 0.96” off the wall - with no sheetrock cutting required. Now that’s a feature that gives you plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Built-In Kickstand

Running wires behind a TV shouldn’t require three arms or two people. That’s why this mount has a solidly constructed padded kickstand built right into each arm. It props the TV away from the wall to provide plenty of space to run your cables - and so you can see what you’re doing.

Thoughtful Engineering

Has the customer suddenly decided to switch from a tilt mount to a fixed one, or vice versa? Thanks to our engineering team’s forward thinking, our wall plate can be used universally among all of our Razor Tilt Mounts and Razor Fixed Mounts. Just swap out the TV bracket and you’re ready to go.


  - 0 / + 15°
Maximum TV Size
Minimum TV Size
VESA Mounting Pattern
  100x100, 100x200, 200x100, 200x200, 200x300,
300x200, 300x300, 400x300, 400x400, 500x400,
500x500, 600x400, 600x500, 600x600, 700x500,
700x600, 700x700, 800x500, 800x600
Maximum Load Support
  150 lb


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