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Item #: TGHCCAM1
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Telguard TGHCCAM1 Home Control IP camera

The Telguard HomeControl Camera integrates seamlessly with Telguard HomeControl, adding video to the security system for any home or business. With the Telguard HomeControl Camera you can remotely view event-triggered clips or images, or real-time streaming video on your smartphone or computer.

This small and sleek wireless IP Camera with IR (infrared) illumination allows for indoor and outdoor use in both daylight and low-light environments. The camera accomplishes this by automatically providing extra IR illumination when enough visible light is not available for proper operation. Network connectivity can be provided through either a hardwired or wireless IP connection to your home or business network connection


Event Triggers

Event triggers can be set on the system to 'trigger' the camera(s) to take snapshots and videos. By setting up intrusion event triggers - such as alarms, specific zone opening or closing, camera motion detector, etc. - users immediately receive a notification and can remotely view a clip or snapshot of the event. 

IR Illumination

The TGHC Camera, designed for indoor and outdoor use, delivers high-quality video day and night. With a built-in light sensor and infrared LEDs for nighttime illumination, this camera automatically switches between a black and white camera to a color camera and back without manual intervention. 


PIR Motion Detection 

The Telguard TGHC Camera is equiupped with built-in PIR motion detection technology that can reduce the potential for false triggers. In addition, event triggers can be programmed when the PIR motion detector is tripped to take a snapshot or video clip. The captured video clip includes the footage from before and after the event, giving users better information to assess the issue before escalation.


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