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AirRouter-US Indoor AP, 150Mbps+ USA


Approved for use in USA


Introducing AirRouter, Ubiquiti's first indoor commerical WiFi Router featuring powerful AirOS features. Capable of connecting over 100 meters away at 150 Mbps speeds.

The airRouter 802.11n Wireless Router is an affordable multi-purpose router that can act as a standard SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) router or operate in two other network modes: Bridge or Router mode. The airRouter also offers multiple wireless modes including Station mode to extend your wireless network and Access Point mode to function as the center of your wireless network. The airRouter offers Channel Shifting, a proprietary Ubiquiti feature that allows you to offset your channels from standard 802.11n channels. Channel Shifting improves your network’s privacy and security by hiding your network from intruders.




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airOS airRouter is powered by the
latest version of Ubiquiti’s airOS. Built
upon the market leading intuitive
user-interface, it’s loaded with
advanced wireless configurations and
routing functionality.
Three Network Modes By default,
the airRouter operates as a SOHO
Router, for fast and easy deployment.
For advanced routing control, the
airRouter may be set to operate as
a Router, or as a Wireless Bridge to
expand your wireless network.
airMAX™ Support Gain higher
performance with other airMAX
compatible devices.
VLAN Support Router mode supports
multiple Virtual Local Area Network
Five Wireless Modes Integrate the
airRouter into your network as a
Station, Station WDS, Access Point,
Access Point WDS, or AP Repeater.
Channel Shifting allows your wireless
network to operate on private wireless
channels between Ubiquiti devices.
ACL Management Enhanced Access
Control List management.
UPnP Support Universal Plug and
Play server support for advanced
media sharing and increased device
DHCP Relay Relays DHCP messages
between DHCP clients and DHCP
servers on different IP networks.
airView™ Utility Visually analyze
your environment’s signal statistics to
optimize your wireless settings.


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