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Item #: ROCKETM5
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Ubiquiti® Rocket M5 802.11a/n High Power AirMax MIMO TDMA

ROCKET M5: 5.470-5.825GHz Hi Power 2x2 MIMO AirMax TDMA Base Station...

The Rocket Series is a rugged, hi-power, very linear 2x2 MIMO radio with enhanced receiver performance. It features incredible range performance (50+km) and breakthrough speed (150+Mbps real TCPI/IP). The device was specifically designed for outdoor Point-to-Point, Bridging and Point-to-Multi-Point Airmax base-station applications.

Rocket M and AirMax Base Station/Rocket Antennas have been designed to seamlessly work together. Installing Rocket M on AirMax Base Station/Rocket Antennas requires no special tools; you simply snap it into place with the mount provided with the antennas.

Note the model offered on this page is for International Use Only. To order the US version, please contact L-com sales. Add -US to model number for US version.



  • Used to create or connect to an 802.11a/n wireless network
  • Integrated signal strength meter provides precise antenna alignment
  • Robust weatherproof design
  • Ships with powerful AirOS Software
  • RoHS compliant



  • WLAN
  • WiFi
  • WISP
  • Wireless Ethernet

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