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Item #: KP4000CLA
MSRP: $599.95



So much more than just a keypad, the KP-4000 is your gateway to intuitive, intelligent control of equipment throughout your home via your home’s wireless network.

As beautiful on your wall as it is functional, the KP-4000 in-wall controller has a feature set that mirrors Universal’s finest high-end controllers. With a permanent connection to your home’s wireless network, the KP-4000 is always ready with real-time information about your environment. With the press of one button you can dim the lights, fire up your favorite play list from your iPod and set your surround sound system to the correct volume.

The vivid color LCD awaits your command with a gorgeous graphic interface. As befits a Universal Remote Control high end interface, 2-way feed back from your equipment is displayed on screen. Check the latest news, sports, weather and stocks directly on a KP-4000 connected to the Wi-Fi network. Browse cover art, artist and titles from your iPod on the KP-4000’s display screen when used with the URC PSX-2 Personal Server/iPod dock.

With its ability to control multiple rooms of equipment, the KP-4000 truly is the ultimate in-wall controller. Whether you are controlling equipment in your home theater or the lighting in your den, the KP-4000 is the best in wall solution for all your control needs.

The KP-4000 is available in white, black and light almond.

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