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Item #: RL121224WH
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RL121224WH | Rapid Link Power Complete Install Kit with Romex Cable - White

Provides an Affordable In-Wall Power Solution for Wall Mounted HDTV Flat Screen Plasma and LCD TVs.


  • Easy and Safe to Install at the Same Time as Running the A/V Cables
  • Offers a Cost-Effective Way to Protect Expensive Home Theater HDTV Equipment from Surge Damage and AC Electrical Circuit when Connected to a Power Surge/Conditioner
  • Engineered to Compliment Flat Screen LCD and Plasma Displays
  • New Dual Outlet Provides More Space and Convenience
  • Perfect for Retrofit Construction Projects
  • Unique Recessed Power Inlet Wall Plate Eliminates the Risk of Electrical Shock
  • Complies with National Electric Code Requirements
  • Components UL Listed
  • Romex® NM-B 14/2 Cable Meets or Exceeds UL Standard 83, UL Standard 719



  • Dual Recessed Plug- in AC Power Outlet
  • Safety-Designed Recessed Plug-in AC Power Inlet
  • 36” Power Cord (14/3 SPT3)
  • 12.5’ Romex® NM-B 14/2 Cable
  • In-Wall PVC Electrical Boxes

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