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Item #: 951150
MSRP: $74.99

Wilson RG11 F-Male, 50ft Black Cable - 951150


Wilson 951150 RG11 F-Male Cable is a 75ohm 50ft black cable featuring two F-male connectors (regular household TV video cable) on both ends. This ultra low-loss coax cable features almost the same loss as an LMR400 cable, a high performance commercial grade cable. Used for connections between the amplifier to both inside and outside antennas, taps or splitters. Specifically made for the Wilson DB Pro series: Wilson 460103 DB Pro 4G, Wilson 462105 DB Pro 3G Omni, and Wilson 462205 DB Pro 3G Yagi.


  • Indoor/outdoor cable for connections between the amplifier to both inside or outside antennas.

Package Includes:

  • Wilson 951150 F-Male 50ft Black Cable

Product Features:

  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Made for DB Pro series: Wilson 460103, 462105, and 462205.
  • F-Male Connectors 
  • 75 ohm

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