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Item #: SB224500WHT
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Wirepath™ Cables 22-Gauge 4-Conductor 7-Strand Security Wire

This Wirepath™ stranded security wire is the perfect choice for security contacts, sensors and detectors. Its stranded design makes it more pliable, so you can bend it how you need it without worrying about breakage, and it resists irritating kinks. Whether you choose Nest in Box or Speed Coil packaging, you can rest assured it was made to last. The Nest in Box comes in our tough box that features reinforced handles, water-resistant coating, and a wide-mouth payout tube for easier wire access. And our Speed Coil comes in a strong, shrink-wrapped speed coil. Featuring easy-to-strip jackets and 22-gauge oxygen-free copper, this wire won’t let you down. Wirepath Bulk Wire – tough in all the right places.

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