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Item #: SPCRST2500
MSRP: No Retail

Wirepath™ 2-Conductor Shielded + 2-Conductor Unshielded + Single 350 MHz Cat 5e Wire

Perfect for popular control systems like Crestron, Lutron, and AMX, and specialty media distribution applications, this cable delivers data, power and Ethernet over a single bundle. It’s similar to our SP-CRST1, but adds the convenience of a Cat5e to the standard 22/2 and 18/2. With this wire you get the ease and speed of a single pull, plus the flexibility of multiple wires in one jacket. The wire bundle consists of one 22AWG, 2-Conductor shielded for data, one 18AWG, 2-Conductor for power, and one Cat5e for Ethernet, data, audio, or video.

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