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Item #: PS15EMZ51
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Linear PS15EMZ51 Z-Wave Plug-in Appliance Module



The PS15EMZ5-1 Plug-in Appliance Module is designed to provide Z-Wave control to a connected load. The PS15EMZ5-1 module is plugged into any standard grounded AC wall outlet, and the appliance or other device is then plugged into the module. Once connected, the appliance/ device can be turned on or off remotely via the Z-Wave controller. The module contains two power receptacles – one controlled, and one pass-through (powered at all times). This plug-in Appliance Module integrates with other Nortek Security & Control Z-Wave enabled products, and can also act as a wireless repeater to ensure that commands intended for another device in the network are received (useful when a device would otherwise be out of radio range).


  • Take control of your home. Use this use this simple smart plug-in switch to wirelessly control and schedule Small appliances and lights in your home from anywhere using a Z-Wave certified gateway
  • Plug into any standard electrical outlet and make your home smart. Does not impede 2nd outlet. No wiring needed
  • Integrated night light function lights the way when the dimmer of off
  • Energy monitoring reports energy usage (feature must be supported by Z-Wave hub)
  • Works with the WT00Z5-1 Wireless 3-Way switch.


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