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Keystone Insert USB Type ‘A’ Low Voltage Charging System Powered Over UTP Cable

72-501 | Keystone Insert USB Type ‘A’ Low Voltage Charging System Powered Over UTP Cable
Calrad’s 72-501 USB Powered Keystone Insert is a expandable system that provides a simple and inexpensive solution for powering USB type devices such as iPads, iPhones, etc. remotely using standard Cat5e, Cat6 UTP cabling, conversion of (12-15Vdc to 5Vdc). Several units can be cascaded in series or parallel and powered from a single high current power supply or ran independently using a single low current power supply. 4 Position terminal blocks provide 12Vdc in and out for easy connection to a local wall plate or to be extended to additional wall plates. The 72-501 Keystone inserts incorporate intelligent circuitry to provide the proper charging current for any device attached, up to 3 amps max. Please Note! The output current depends on the distance of the Cat5e, Cat6 cable and the amount of pairs used. 15Vdc power supplies will provide more current over longer distances. 


Applications: Perfect for Equipment Racks, In wall iPad’s & Android Tablets' Conference Rooms, AV Systems, Planes, Yachts, RV’s, Busses, Bars, Gyms, Charging Phones, tablets or any USB type devices. 


DC Power Supply, Accessory Links:
12Vdc, 2 Amp Power Supply: 45-602-2AMP
12Vdc, 6 Amp Power Supply: 45-608-HG
2.1mm Solderless Female inline Coax Power Jack: 30-333T
Designer Style Keystone Wall plate Inserts: 72-233 Series 


  • UTP Cable Termination: 4 Pin Solderless Terminal Block, accepts 20AWG-24AWG cables.
  • USB Termination: Female type ‘A’ jack
  • Output Current: 1-3 Amps, depending on the device attached, cable length, DC Current, Voltage 12-15Vdc
  • Input Voltage: 6-24Vdc
  • Power Supply Options: 45-602, 2A 12Vdc: 45-608, 5A 12Vdc: 45-608-HG, 6A 12Vdc
  • Power Circuit Switching Frequency: 500Khz
  • Voltage Reverse Polarity Protection: DC Power Silicone Diode will not damage the device if power is reversed
  • Circuit Protection: Over voltage, USB Short Circuit
  • Output Voltage L.E.D. Indicator: Blue (Visible from the Front Keystone inside Cavity)
  • Size: L-1.42” x W-.57” x H-.64” (Low Profile Design)
  • Housing: White ABS Plastic

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