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Item #: M1KP
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LCD Keypad For M1 Controls

The ELK-M1KP is an addressable LCD Keypad for the M1 Cross Platform Controls®. It features a 32 character back lighted display with adjustable intensity and extra large character fonts for ease of readability. The M1KP includes a plug-in connector on the back for adding an internal proximity reader (ELK-M1PR) or for interfacing to virtually any external 26 bit Wiegand compatible proximity reader. Proximity cards/fobs can be used for touchless arming, disarming, door strike control, etc.


• Large, Easy to Read Characters
• Back lighted with Adjustable Intensity
• Removable Hinged Door
• Unique Menu Navigation/Direction Keys
• Operates on 4-Wires (M1 Data Bus)
• Built-in Speaker with Adjustable Beep Tone and Volume
• Accepts Plug-in Proximity Card Reader (Optional)
• Input for 1 Supervised Zone
• One Programmable Voltage Output
• Exit, Stay, Chime, and Bypass Keys



• Input Connection: 6 Pin Plug-in "Flying Lead" Connector Included
• Proximity Connection: 5 Pin Plug-in "Flying Lead" Connector (optional ELK-WO35A required for
external proximity reader)
• Color: Glacier White
• Operating Voltage: 13.8 VDC
• Current Draw: 40 - 50 mA Idle (low back light level, sounder silent)
• 160 mA Fully Active (max. back light & sounder active)
• Size: 6.875" W x 5.25" H x 1.375 D

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