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Episode® Impression Series 4.1 Speaker System



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The Episode Impression Series 4.1 speaker system delivers full-frequency distributed audio while maintaining the design aesthetics of your customer’s space. The left and right channels deliver tremendously lifelike audio through scientific engineering, while the subwoofer utilizes bandpass technology to deliver incredibly low and efficient bass through a small opening. For an incredible multiroom audio experience with an eye for design, choose the Impression Series from Episode!


All-in-One System

For the ultimate in sound and convenience, the Episode 4.1 Speaker System delivers! It's designed to easily wire into a 2nd zone of an AV receiver, or a single zone on a multiroom power amplifier, providing full-frequency sound in any space.



Ability to customize on more job sites with the Episode Impression speaker


Design-Focused Audio

Our Impression Series 4-inch speakers focus on scientific sound with an eye for design, allowing interior designers and custom integrators to achieve their goals within the space while meeting the customers' needs. With a minimalistic look that features a subtle bezel-less grille, these speakers deliver incredibly full sound in a small footprint. Plus, it uses a 5-inch grille, which matches modern 5-inch light fixtures for the ultimate aesthetic. Square and round grille options are both included with the speaker.


The Episode Impression close up image of cone


Powerful Episode Performance

These speakers pump out clean and accurate sound by adhering to Episode's three philosophies for superior audio: low distortion, wide dispersion, and flat frequency response. Ribbed surrounds on the woofer create linear cone movement and cleaner, tighter bass.


Image of bass dials that help make richer sounds


The Importance of Low Frequencies

A distributed audio system without a subwoofer isn’t capable of reproducing all the frequencies an audio source sends to them, which means the listener doesn't get accurate sound. The low frequencies produced by a subwoofer create a full, rich, three-dimensional effect for an exceptional audio experience. With the Impression Bandpass subwoofer, you get this effect in a supremely efficient package that produces deep lows without affecting interior design goals.

Back image of Bandpass box with tube

Bandpass Technology

Bandpass boxes offer significant performance benefits that are impossible to achieve in conventional boxes of equal size, producing deeper bass extension and supreme efficiency. As opposed to the woofer directly influencing the listening area, this sub fires directly into a chamber with a tuned port, which acts as a low-pass filter to limit the high-frequency response of the subwoofer. The result is massive amounts of deep bass being delivered through a small opening, which not only means greater efficiency but a design that has a minimal impact on room aesthetics.


Drilling a small hole for a speaker installation


Easy Integration

Episode Impression Series speakers provide a minimal-opening solution, requiring only a standard 4” hole saw for installation. And for added convenience, these speakers feature a high-pass switch for easy configuration and an increased screw-thread pitch in the included hardware for a quick install. Square and round bezel-less grilles are included.


Installer in the rafters installing a speaker


Subwoofer Installation

The enclosure is typically installed before drywall and mounts to a traditional 2x10 or 10” I-Beam joist. And for aesthetic uniformity, the subwoofer port uses a 5" grille that matches Impression in-ceiling speakers perfectly.


Pre-construction backbox for Episode Impression Series

Pre-Construction Backbox and Bracket Kit (Sold Separately)

Our backbox and bracket kit is made specifically to support our Impression Series satellite speaker to make integration a breeze. The bracket features a unique quick-connect design and raised mud ring for quick and easy installation. The backbox reduces sound propagation to adjacent rooms while providing a smoother, more predictable performance.


Image of a volume knob


Built-In Speaker Protection

This bandpass subwoofer has a built-in protection circuit to prevent the speaker from being overdriven. For example, if someone maxes out the volume, the subwoofer will shut down, after the volume has normalized, the subwoofer will reset, and the subwoofer will come back to life, preventing subwoofer damage. This reduces service calls and enhances speaker longevity.

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