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Item #: M7500CRDIP
MSRP: $249.95

Panamax M7500-PRO IP CARD M7500CRDIP


This accessory gives your M7500-PRO * :

  • Control of individual outlet banks, featuring power, trigger and delay settings
  • Remote diagnostics: check unit status and incoming line voltages
  • Email alerts for over and under-voltages help you anticipate or prevent service calls
  • Easy, plus-in installation

* Requires static IP address at installation location

(M7500CRD-IP Installed in an M7500-PRO)


  • Unit Power Indicates the status of the Power Button on the front panel of the M7500-PRO. In addition, the Unit Power control provides a means to trigger a turn-on or turn-off sequence. Input Trigger Status Indicates the ON/OFF status of the DC Input Trigger. Outlet Bank Status The ON/OFF status is indicated by the blue dot below the text. If the color of the dot is light blue (as to appear as a lit LED), the outlet bank is ON.
  • Unit Name / Location Allows user to create a unique name and/or location for the Max 7500-PRO Brightness Indicates the brightness setting of the meter and display. Voltage Meter Indicates the present AC voltage at the wall outlet. Current Meter Indicates the present total current draw of the system.


Dimensions 1.125 in. W X 3 in. D X 3.125 in. H
Weight 0.1 lb.


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