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Item #: MRF350
MSRP: $249.95


Base Station for URC Complete Control®

MRF-350 base station receives RF (Radio Frequency) signals from any URC Complete Control® universal remote, converts the signals into IR (Infrared) commands and delivers the commands to the integrated A/V components.


It uses Narrow Band RF to assure the continuity of the commands and minimize the effect of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) that often occurs in highly-populated markets. Features external antenna and built-in front panel IR blaster. This base station includes 6 adjustable IR inputs. Required for use with URC's Complete Control® line up of universal remotes.


Highlights & Specifications:

RF to IR base station for URC Complete Control® Universal Remotes
Receives RF signal from remote and converts to IR
6 Adjustable IR inputs
Delivers IR commands to A/V Components
Uses Narrow Band RF
Minimizes RFI effects in highly-populated markets
Professional programming by authorized URC Complete Control® dealer required
SKU: MRF-260 / MRF-260i
UPC: UPC 656787-300408 (MRF-260); UPC 656787-326019 (MRF-260i)
Network Connections:
RF: 418 MHz (MRF-260), 433 MHz (MRF-260i
Six Adjustable IR outputs, built-in front IR blaster
External antenna for improved range and reliability
9V 300mA power supply
Compatible Systems: URC Complete Control®
Dimensions: 8" (203.2mm) W x 1.25" (31.8mm) H x 3.5" (88.9mm) D
Weight: 1.6 lbs. (0.73 kg)
Warranty: One year limited warranty
What's in the Box:
MRF-350 base station
RFX-250 RF Sensor

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