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Item #: MCA66
MSRP: $2,389.00

6 Source, 6 Zone, Controller Amplifier


The Russound MCA-66 Digital multi-zone controller amplifier provides up to six zones of distributed audio. Scalable to 36 zones, the MCA-66 provides numerous options to tailor every room in residential or light commercial distributed audio systems. A variety of input options have been engineered into the MCA-66 to connect up to 6 sources. AV source input options include 6 Analog, 3 Digital (up to 3 coax, or 2 coax and 1 optical), 1 paging and 1 Bluetooth extender connection. The Bluetooth connection allows the installation of the MCA-88 in an equipment rack while remotely locating the optional Russound BTC-1X Bluetooth receiver up to 300’ away. Additionally, the BTC-1X improves audio quality through the high performance APTx audio codec. An RNET link allows for metadata transmission, linking multiple MCA controllers and connection to all Russound RNET Smart Sources like the ST1 AM/FM external tuner.



All MCA products are Ethernet enabled devices allowing for IP based features and control. RIO (Russound I/O) allows Russound IP based control systems to integrate with, control, and communicate bi-directionally through an open protocol. In addition to dedicated keypads and touchscreen control options, the free My Russound App (iOS and Android) controls all Russound Ethernet connected products on the LAN including the MCA-66 and its source components.



The MCA-66 features 6 zones of high quality amplification, providing 20 watts of power per channel. Zones 1 and 2 are equipped with fixed or variable line-level outputs for outboard amplification, wireless expansion or subzone use. Additionally, an RS-232 port for integration with serial-connected home automation systems is available for utilization on the rear panel of the MCA-66.



Custom audio settings, party modes, do not disturb, source and zone linking, and all-on/all-off participation are standard features. The MCA-66 has alarm and sleep timers, a Home Theater trigger and one 12VDC trigger output for power management and control. Source six can serve as a paging input for connection to a 3rd party paging or phone system.



With Russound keypads or touchscreens, the MCA-66 communicates vital information such as preset names, station ID, artist, song titles and album art depending on the capabilities of the source being used. The simpler SLK-1 keypad can also be used for areas where basic control is sufficient such as entry/exit areas of a home or business or any area where the My Russound App might be the predominant control interface.




Note: The MCA-66 is part of the Russound Certified Installer Required Program and can only be installed and configured by a Russound Certified Installer.




  • 6 Amplified Zones @20W/ch
  • Fixed/Variable Line Out for Zones 1 and 2
  • Up to 6 Line-Level Stereo Inputs, 3 Digital Coaxial and 1 Optical
  • RS232 and IP Controllable
  • 6 Routed IR Outputs, plus 1 Global IR Output
  • Home Theater 12v Trigger In/Out for Shared Sources
  • Global 12v Trigger Output
  • Removable Screwless Speaker Connectors
  • Expandable to up to 36 Zones
  • Supports Bluetooth® with Optional BTC-1X
  • Paging System Support with Dedicated 12v Trigger Input
  • Supports KNX® with Optional KNX-RIO-1
  • Rackmountable with Rack Mount Ears Included
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty


Shipping Dimensions 21.0" (W) x 8.4" (H) x 21.7" (D)
(53.3 x 21.3 x 55.1 cm)
Shipping Weight 0.0 lbs (0.0 kg)
Audio Output(s) 6 Speaker Level 20W/ch (2 Line Level, fixed or variable selectable)
Audio Source Inputs 6 stereo RCA Line-Level, 3 coax, 1 optical
(maximum of 6 total inputs)
Communication Ports USB (firmware update only)
1 Serial RS-232, 19.2 kHz baud rate
1 Ethernet RJ-45, 10/100 Base T
2 RJ-45 RNET Links In/Out
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz +/- 1 dB at 1W output into 8 ohms
Fuse Rating 100-120V/T3.15A 250V US and Canada (MCA-66)
220-240V/T1.25A 250V International (MCA-66i)
Home Theater Trigger Input In/Out, 12VDC (pass-through)
IR Outputs 6 routed, 1 common
Keypad Ports 6 detachable 4 pole connectors
Paging Trigger In, 12VDC
Power Output 20W RMS into 8 ohms
Power Supply 100-120 VAC, 60Hz (MCA-66)
220-240 VAC, 50Hz (MCA-66i)
Signal to Noise Ratio 93 dB unweighted, 96 dB A-weighted
Speaker Connection(s) 6 detachable 4 pole connectors
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.10%



The Russound Certified Installer (RCI) Program is designed to provide the best possible product and installation experience to our consumers while maximizing the value that the thousands of Russound installers in the US and around the world offer to their customers throughout the sale and installation process. With the RCI Program, Russound guarantees that a dedicated Russound Certified Installer is fully involved in the installation process of Russound products. The knowledge, experience, customer service, and after-sales support of a Russound Certified Installer provides enormous benefits to the end-user and is the principal way that Russound can provide a consistent product experience.

Program Highlights

  • Supported Products – The RCI program will be integrated into the new line of Russound multizone controllers, the MCA-66, MCA-88, and the MCA-88X. Additional Russound products will join the program as they come to market.


  • Products ship "locked" – All products that are part of the RCI program will be shipped from Russound in a locked state. Once they are powered up, they will only be able to display a message saying “Russound Certified Installer Required”. The products will not operate until a Russound Certified Installer connects them to the internet and unlocks them.


  • Easy to unlock – There is no complex unlocking process. A Russound Certified Installer merely needs to enter their username and password into an RCI product using the web browser on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. All RCI products are internet-enabled and instantly verify the identity of the installer to unlock for use.


  • Distribution Partner customers and Direct Dealers eligible – The RCI program is available to all installers who buy their Russound products through any authorized sales channels, whether it’s through distribution partners or as a direct dealer.


  • Trackable, while assuring customer privacy – Russound knows how important privacy is to its customers. Because of that, no customer information is ever required, entered, or tracked as part of this program. Russound will track the products used in this program only through a unique electronic product identification number that will be paired with the credential of the specific Russound Certified Installer who performed the installation. Russound will not be able to obtain any private customer information through this program.




Q: How can I become a Russound Certified Installer (RCI)?

A: It's easy. Use your Russound Portal logon to complete this web form to apply to the RCI program. If you currently share a Russound Portal logon and need your own, you can get one here.

Q: How can I verify if I am a Russound Certified Installer?

A: It's easy to tell if you are a Russound Certified Installer. When accessing the Russound Portal, all Russound Certified Installers will see the words "Certified Installer" in the top right corner of all webpages in the Portal.

Q: What products will be part of this program?

A: The RCI program will be integrated into the new line of Russound multizone controllers, the MCA- 66, MCA-88, and the MCA-88X. Additional Russound products will join the program as they come to market.

Q: When does the program start?

A: The program officially starts with the release of the MCA-66 and MCA-88 products in June.

Q: Why is Russound "locking" some of its products?

A: This new feature reinforces Russound’s commitment to provide the ultimate user experience by guaranteeing that many of our key products are only installed by industry professionals.

Q: Does Russound collect or track end user information with this program?

A: Russound does not collect any end user personal information.

Q: How do I stay informed on updates to the RCI program and Russound products?

A: Join our email list here.

Q: Do I need to be a direct dealer to be a Russound Certified Installer?

A: The RCI program is available to all installers who purchase their Russound products through an authorized sales channel, whether it's through one of our distribution partners or as a direct dealer.

Q: All of the installers in my company share a portal account. Can I use that for the RCI program?

A: Since the RCI program certifies installers, not companies, each installer must have their own unique portal account.

Q: Will my company be listed on the Russound website once I become a certified installer?

A: Yes. As a part of the approval process to become a Russound Certified Installer, your company will be listed in the Russound website dealer finder.

Q: Is there a cost associated with becoming a Russound Certified Installer?

A: There is no charge to installers for becoming Russound Certified Installers.

Q: Is there an exam that I will need to complete?

A: No certification exam is required.


Firmware Updates for MCA-Series Controllers
This firmware update is recommended for all installations of the following
Russound MCA-Series controllers:


This new firmware version increases the number of simultaneous IP connections that are possible on the MCA-66 and MCA-88, bringing the number up to 27 to match the MCA-88X. That's perfect
for installations with large numbers of the XTS touchscreen or mobile devices running the
MyRussound app.
This new firmware release is also a critical update to the MCA-88X as it greatly improves the stability
of the MCA-88X's internal streamer, specifically with updates for both SiriusXM and AirPlay operation.

Additionally, as part of our continuing efforts to port all of the Russound system configuration options available in SCS-C5 to Web Config, this new firmware release (2.01.03) enhances the Web Config interface; now even more configuration options are available using a tablet or phone.

Lastly, this new update unifies the Web Config appearance for all three controller models so that the same options are available for each.

New Features:

  • Support for up to 27 simultaneous IP connections to accommodate more users of the MyRussound App or XTS in-wall touchscreens
  • Added custom Zone and Source names to the title of their respective 'Details' pages in
    Web Config
  • Selecting the Enter button on your keyboard will automatically select the 'Apply' button after entering your login and password to unlock the controller
  • Improvements to the look and feel of the Russound Web Config interface

Update Procedures: 

Russound controllers are easily updated using our Web Config interface but may also be updated  
using a USB-drive that has the proper firmware update file loaded on it. Please refer to this
Firmware Update Procedure if you are not familiar with this process.
Please download our release notes for a complete list of updates.



All Firmware Updates are available in the support center on the Russound Portal. 

Prop 65WARNING: This product contains chemicals including Styrene which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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