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Item #: SIG56POINT
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Signature 5 Series Point Speaker (Each) - 6"




Signature by Episode is the most versatile, dynamic, install-friendly speaker in the industry. Designed and engineered with a scientific focus, Signature provides high-performance sound through low distortion, wide dispersion, and flat frequency response. Plus, Signature speakers are crafted with intuitive features like Push Lock by Swarm technology, as well as a one- or two-step install option and a full suite of accessories for unparalleled convenience on any install.


Image of a Push Lock technology on side of speaker


Easy Install

Signature by Episode features exclusive Push Lock by Swarm technology, a toolless mounting solution specifically designed for Signature. For both in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, Push Lock secures the speaker with the simple press of a button for the fastest and most secure install on the market. Plus, the dogs can be cinched down an extra 6mm when you need additional security in situations with uneven sheetrock, popcorn ceilings, etc.


Dealer installing in-ceiling speaker


Your Speaker, Your Choice

Every Signature by Episode speaker (yes, both in-ceiling and in-wall) can be installed via a one-step or two-step process. Install the speaker in one step with zero tools and one trip up the ladder or remove the center core of the speaker and install the cradle with optional backbox and grille, so you don’t risk speaker damage while the build completes.


Zoomed-in view of woofer


Polypropylene Woofer with Titanium

A forward-set polypropylene woofer with vacuum-deposited titanium delivers a fully-immersive lifelike audio experience.


Zoomed-in view of tweeter


Adjustable Tweeter with Titanium

An adjustable tweeter with vacuum-deposited titanium provides direct sound to create more immersive experiences custom to each application.


Close up of woofer and tweeter


Unmatched Performance

Crafted in house with a sleek finish and elite components designed to achieve the sound principles of the NRC, Signature by Episode delivers lifelike tones that are pleasing to the ear and won’t fatigue the listener over time. With premium woofer and tweeter material, these bad boys deliver deep bass and unmatched tonal clarity for lifelike sound at any listening level. Signature’s superior audio quality is accomplished by adhering to our three philosophies on sound: low distortion, wide dispersion, and flat frequency response.


Angled view of backbox


Direct-Mount Backbox

The one-step install features a jumperless design for a single-wire connection to the rear of the backbox (sold separately) for a once-up-the-ladder toolless install. The two-step install lets you prewire and install the backbox to the cradle, keeping blown insulation from falling through the ceiling and maintaining pressure during home efficiency tests. Plus, when you return to finish the job, the speaker installs into the cradle & backbox with no wires needed AND no tools. Every Signature by Episode speaker comes with a cradle and has a compatible cradle that can be purchased separately.


Zoomed in view of tweeter


Innovative Tweeter Pods

Signature tweeter pods are vented in the back to drop the resonance frequency of the tweeter, allowing the system to be crossed over for greater dispersion and less distortion. The lower the crossover, the less work the woofer has to do to play higher in the frequency band, providing greater spatiality when listening to music.


Zoomed-in view of tweeter and woofer


Directional Sound

15-degree speaker angle with adjustable silk dome tweeter enhances sound dispersion to maximize coverage in any room for a more immersive experience.


Zoomed-in view of tweeter switch on point speaker


Tweeter Compensation Switch

The tweeter features a + or – 2dB gain for perfect, customized sound matched perfectly to your customer’s space.


Dealer installing speaker into ceiling


Easy Protection

The speaker’s protective cover serves as a handle when carrying up a ladder, as a shield during transportation and install, and as a guard during paint. They are included with all in-ceiling speakers and cradles to provide protection and convenience.


Drywall with bracket inserted and speaker being installed


Flush-Mount Design

Our affordable flush-mount brackets (sold separately) offer a unique design to turn any Signature by Episode and Episode speaker into a flush-mounted solution, providing a seamless transition from grille to wall without cracking the drywall or requiring a new speaker. You won’t mind passing this simple solution to the drywaller to help get the job done!


Speaker with white grille attached


Stronger Grille Magnets

The magnet structure on the speaker frame has nearly 2X the holding capacity of other architectural speakers, preventing grilles from vibrating at loud volumes and bowing over time.


Zoomed-in view of ribbed surround


Ribbed Surround

Inverted surrounds feature a parabolic design to provide greater cone excursion in a linear form without rippling of the surround, allowing the speaker to be played louder without distortion.

Red, green and yellow round brackets

Simple, Versatile Brackets

Our Signature by Episode speakers are compatible with our ES-ESS brackets and several thin-bezel, paintable grilles for a smooth, minimalistic finish. And as an added plus, our Signature by Episode speakers share the same cutout dimensions as all our other Epsiode speakers for ultimate versatility. This speaker is compatible with ES-ESS-BRKT-IC and SIG-CRADLE-ICNote: This 6" point speaker requires the 8" bracket.

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Partner Rewards

Signature Speakers are available exclusively for Partner Rewards Members.


Connector Type
Gold plated push terminals
Frequency Response
42 Hz - 20 kHz
Tweeter +2dB/0/-2dB
Crossover Frequency
2.35 kHz
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
Power Peak
130 Watts
89 dB
3/4" Adjustable silk dome tweeter with vacuum-deposited titanium
6" Polypropylene cone woofer with vacuum-deposited titanium
Mounting Depth: 5.2"
Mounting Depth w/ Enclosure: 6.6"
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Finished Dimension w/ Grill: 11"
Cutout Diameter
5.2 lb
Dog Ear Clamping Range
3/8" to double 1/2" substrate
Optimal Air Volume Behind Speaker
15 ~ 20 Liters
Listening Angle

Prop 65WARNING: This product contains chemicals including Styrene which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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