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Item #: RL125024WH
MSRP: $90.00


This product is not to be hard-wired directly to an electrical circuit. It is designed as an electrical plug-in device to an existing A/C grounded outlet only. This product is rated for use with an existing outlet 15-Amp 125V grounded circuit only.

Do not put the TV power cord inside the wall or ceiling. Check with your Local Building Jurisdiction, as to permit or code requirements for installing electrical wire and outlets within a wall.

  • Provides an affordable in-wall power solution for wall mounted HDTV flat screen plasma and LCD TVs.


  • Provides a complete professional installation solution Package that includes:
    • Dual Recessed Plug- in A/C Power Outlet
    • Safety-Designed Recessed Plug-in A/C Power Inlet
    • 36"" Power Cord
    • In-Wall PVC Electrical Boxes
  • Easy and safe to install at the same time as running the A/V cables
  • Offers a cost-effective way to protect expensive home theater HDTV equipment from surge damage and A/C electrical circuit when connected to a power surge/conditioner
  • Perfect for retrofit construction projects
  • Unique recessed power in-let wall plate eliminates the risk of electrical shock
  • Complies with National Electric Code Requirements
  • Requires ROMEX electrical wire (not included)
  • Available in 4 colors (White, Black, Light Almond, and Ivory)

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